Scripture Aesthetics: Christmas Edition, Part 1

Every once in a while, I let my imagination run wild with characters found in Scripture, blending earthy elements from the original historical setting with some modern twists, to get an idea of what they might have been like. Which sensations and experiences could capture each individual’s essence? Adam and Eve, Esther, Samson and Delilah, Ruth, Mary and Martha—all of these have taken a turn. It’s time for a seasonal spin, don’t you think? With eggnog in hand and twinkle lights as a backdrop, let’s view the main cast of Christmas through creative lenses.

Baby Jesus: that unmistakable newborn smell, downy tufts of hair catching the breeze, soft cotton wrapped snugly around you, daybreak, the dizzy sweetness of hay, coming up for air, birthday cake and party hats, a thousand years of hope, gentle snores, blowing fluff from a dandelion

Mary: the happy exhaustion of a brand-new mama, gentle lullabies in the night, a journal full of answered prayers and things to ponder, the glint of sunlight on snow, peonies at their peak, messy buns and cappuccinos, a brave but humble yes, wide-eyed wonder

Joseph: worn leather sandals, curls of freshly cut cedar, your favorite pair of jeans, pipe tobacco, the unfailing strength of work-rough hands, laughter that rumbles like thunder, hot apple cider, a protective arm around your shoulder, campouts in the mountains, finishing a great book, well-kept secrets

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