Scripture Aesthetics: Esther

If it’s been a while since you immersed yourself in the story of Esther, I guarantee it will be a half-hour well spent. With equal parts romance and bloodshed, the tagline could easily read, “All’s fair in love and war.” Oddly enough, you never see God’s name even once, but He’s there working behind the scenes of this epic chapter in the Big Story. Want a teaser of the main characters?

Esther: exotic spices, courage that overcomes fear, soaking in a tub with a thousand rose petals on top, myrrh oil dripping from your hands, the finest lingerie, beauty pageant crowns, winning divine favor with everyone, the happy shout of your name, jewel-toned harem pants, hosting grand dinners, an extended golden scepter, begging for the Cinderella story “just one more time”

Mordecai: the coarse itch of burlap, a soft spot for orphans, well-worn prayer mats, whispers of rescue, being the brains of an operation, secret meetings at the garden gate, smudged ash, festive treats baking in the oven, horse hooves on pavement, the taste of peace on your tongue, a backbone of steel, passing notes, wax sealed with the king’s ring, saying the right thing at the right time 

Haman: how bloodlust can eat away at a soul, ‘The Hanging Tree,’ plotting murder in the night, that moment hope turns to dread, the dark sweetness of wicked counsel, fresh rope, bitter wine, the lingering scent of power trips, wounded pride, vignette photos in moody hues, the heavy thud of hammers on wood, fear of the light, a swift blow of poetic justice 

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