A Modern Girl’s Guide to Purity

Warning: This post gets graphic about halfway through. It is based completely on a text of the Bible, but if you have difficulty seeing what we do to Jesus by being sexually loose, don’t read it.

Hot. Sexy. Steamy. Flirty. Tempting. But one word that doesn’t get picked for glossy magazine covers? Pure. When it comes to thinking about purity and what that means for us as Christians, we are a hot mess. Should we cover every square inch of skin and be shrouded in fabric? Do we need to look like the world, short shorts and belly buttons and all? How exactly does the cross inform our bookshelves, movie queues, and wardrobes? Can’t we play a part in the hookup culture? And come on, it’s the 21st century! Who cares what I text my boyfriend or binge watch on Netflix?

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