Kassie has been steeped in ministry for eleven years—first as a youth pastor’s wife, then as a collegiate ministry leader, and now as a church planting pastor’s wife and missionary in the cutest New England town you’ve ever seen. For an embarrassingly long season, a driving need to perform flawlessly shaped her ministry philosophy; only recently has she begun seeing the gospel’s glorious impact on how to serve those around her out of freedom rather than fear.

Downtime looks an awful lot like curling up with her socially awkward cat and a good book near any kind of open flame (bonus points if chocolate and tea are involved). Her greatest passion in ministry is pouring into church planting wives, those courageous sisters so often overlooked but who hold massive kingdom strength in their hearts. She loves, loves, loves building up the body of Christ through playing with words.

Kassie has a particular fondness for lightning bugs, confetti, fresh bread, and dead authors. She shudders to think about who she would be if Jesus had not become her deepest and truest Dwelling Place.

True to the unwritten code of English majors everywhere, the blog’s name has a double meaning. “Dwell” can mean to live, to stay, to abide (as in a house), or to ponder, to think, to meditate (as on a truth).

The Dwelling Place is therefore a home for thoughts and thinkers. Because we are called to conform our minds to the image of the Son, Kassie’s main goal is to help believers cultivate a biblical worldview. This blog was created to be a safe haven for those who enjoy a thoughtful life in Christ as we journey together toward our ultimate Dwelling Place.