A God Who Destroys

The day God wrecked me began like any other: a thirty-minute commute (listening to Christian music), four college classes (with some fellow Christians), a little down time (reading a Christian book), and then work (for a Christian organization). Later I'd go home (to my Christian husband) and get ready for our midweek youth service (to... Continue Reading →

A Look Back

Call me nerdy, but I just love a good schedule. Give me some stickers, colored pens, and a blank calendar, and I'm a kid at Christmas. There is so much calm in the regular rhythm of planning—a chance to exert order and beauty and life over the chaos of time that doesn't yet exist, an... Continue Reading →

Scripture Aesthetics: Song of Songs

It's easy to think of the Bible like a little old lady in her church clothes—prim, proper, and very straight-laced. But when you flip the pages past Psalms, Proverbs, and Ecclesiastes, you find a book that will induce more pearl-clutching than a steamy romance novel. According to Matthew Henry's commentary, "The Jewish doctors advised their... Continue Reading →

Holding Stories Safely

Dashing princes, dragons that breathe fire, heroines feisty and filled with grit—such scenes sparkled across the walls of my mind as I'd drift off to sleep as a child, golden shapes embedding themselves deep within me. We're a people of stories, a culture of stories. We love a good flick on the big screen or... Continue Reading →

Scripture Aesthetics: The Prodigal Son

Few stories in Scripture can affect the heart as profoundly as that of the prodigal from Luke 15:11-32. Despite the parable's fame, I find it sad that we so often limit the cast of characters to two rather than three. (I tend to identify more with the guy usually left in the shadows—the older brother.)... Continue Reading →

Scripture Aesthetics: Esther

If it's been a while since you immersed yourself in the story of Esther, I guarantee it will be a half-hour well spent. With equal parts romance and bloodshed, the tagline could easily read, "All's fair in love and war." Oddly enough, you never see God's name even once, but He's there working behind the... Continue Reading →

Essential Stories

Two sisters, orphaned and isolated, loose winter's blast across the summer landscape and embark on a journey to drive it back home again. They fly a bicycle across the moon, the boy and his otherworldly creature. A little girl from nowhere shuts up a nightmarish beast into the fiery hole in a wall, saving her... Continue Reading →

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