Scripture Aesthetics: Christmas Edition, Part 2

We began painting the nativity scene with creative strokes last week, but what’s a great plot without supporting actors? Today we turn to the heavens, the fields, and the lands far away from that lowly stable.

The angels: golden air thick with God’s glory, the rustle of birds’ wings, foreign but familiar melodies, smelling a storm coming in, the afterglow of sunset, fingers stained with starlight, a spontaneous welling-up of joy

The shepherds: chewing on a stalk of sweet grass, thick wool robes, the sharp scent of wilderness, campfire coffee, deep velvet skies, foggy breath in winter air, a harmonica in the distance

The magi: spiced coconut, jingling coins in a treasure chest, a canopy of constellations, road trips, the heavy beat of camel hooves, finding the perfect gift, meticulously folded astronomy maps, an adventurous spirit

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