A Reckless Love

Church music has been a battleground for ages. I'm guessing that around 900 AD, the pipe organ was a new-fangled, risqué addition to services that caused every medieval curmudgeon to scowl at how the young people were trying to change things up. More recently, Cory Asbury's 'Reckless Love' has sparked a bit of debate among... Continue Reading →

Redeeming Control

Being called a control freak doesn't hurt so much if you're not one. Oh, but if you know your heart has struggled there for so stinking long, that label can mangle you. It becomes a second heartbeat, one with palpitations. Oh no! I've been found out! Red alert! And what does a control freak do... Continue Reading →

Strength in Weakness

Liar, liar, pants on fire! (Some random line about a telephone wire...) Kids chant about obvious falsehood, tiny truth radars built into their DNA. They can often spot a lack of genuine character a mile away. Sadly, though, we grow out of our ability to quickly spot lies around us, and nowhere is the resulting... Continue Reading →

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