The Dwelling Place is a home for thoughts and thinkers. A haven to process truth and beauty before heading back out into the fray. A well fed by the pure spring of love for the Word of God and His magnificent call on our lives. An arsenal of ideas, resources, and lessons learned the hard way. A reminder that we’re not in this alone. A grateful record of the Lord’s overwhelming faithfulness along the journey. A playground for ragamuffin saints to practice the rhythms of the gospel. A hospital where the brokenhearted find their wounds bound up. A feast for hungry hearts to taste and see that God is still so, so good.

Basically, it’s space to meet with the Lord in the context of discipleship.

Who am I to cherish such lofty hopes for this humble corner of the online world? Certainly not the kingdom’s best or brightest. Just a sister who’s saved you a spot at the feet of Jesus. I don’t have it all figured out, but I know the One who does. Come in, get comfortable, and together we’ll dwell on His glory as we dwell in His grace.

Welcome to The Dwelling Place.

Featured on Sanctuary, True Agape, Baptist Churches of New England, LifeWay’s Facts and Trends, and The Baptist Press.

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