Hoist the Colors

There's a soft spot in my heart for Captain Jack Sparrow. Not because of his cheeky spirit or swashbuckling guyliner, but because he's who I am without Jesus. A friend says God's people have always behaved more like pirates than children. We invent ways to destroy, to rebel, to plunder, to make of this beautiful... Continue Reading →

Apart from the Crowd

Then Joshua said to the people, "Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the LORD will do wonders among you." (Joshua 3:5) Being the last kid picked for dodgeball is the worst. Well, maybe not: it's rivaled by looking around the cafeteria and not finding anyone who wants to sit with you. Or realizing you weren't invited to... Continue Reading →


Aquariums creep me out. You go look at a bunch of water animals as they either stare back all glassy-eyed or hide nervously, one curious toddler away from an aquatic psychotic breakdown. The plaques are cool, though. You can take your time and learn more about what lurks in your local lakes than you ever,... Continue Reading →

Label Maker

You know those "Hello, my name is ____________" tags you stick to your shirt, forget to take off, and find in shreds days later all over the washing machine? (That never happens to you? Oh. Cool. Me either.) We fill those out for ourselves as we navigate life in the dust—not with names but with... Continue Reading →

She Is Clothed in Strength

Confession time: I'm a complete nerd. I love learning, period, but I currently especially love learning about how God wired me. (If you're with me in this nerd boat, hello!) One of my favorite parts of the recent training for church planters' wives was unredeemed relating styles. It was not a pretty or easy process,... Continue Reading →

Gospel Spice

Just so you know, I’m awful in the kitchen. My great culinary feats include turning instant rice into a horrible pudding-like substance (apparently it’s not meant for the rice cooker) and prematurely mixing a cherry dump cake which ended up looking like vomit lasagna. You’re welcome for the visual. But the biggest catastrophe was mistaking... Continue Reading →

The Slave Queen

She waited in the great hall, standing at the precipice between yesterday and tomorrow, savoring the glorious in-between. Joy-filled voices floated just past her from the feasting room beyond, anticipation buzzing bright. The young bride mused contentedly at the crown in her hands. The graceful circlet of gold had not always borne such a royal... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on a Great Marriage

(My sweet friend Cassie Celestain interviewed me for her blog, True Agape, a few years back. She split the content into two entries—Loving One Another through Communication and Applying the Gospel to Marriage.) How long you have been married, and how did you meet? Riley and I have been married for five and a half... Continue Reading →

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