Winning Winter

I'm a burgeoning cold-weather convert. (Which is a good thing, since it's flurrying as I type.) Snow in my southern childhood seemed magical—because it disappeared so quickly. When Riley and I moved to New England ten years ago to join the "frozen chosen," the magic was back. But then the magic wouldn't leave, and it... Continue Reading →

A Tale of Two Cups

(This post was originally published on the Baptist Churches of New England’s blog on December 14, 2022. You can find it here.) An invisible cup was handed to me on the occasion of my first breath, filled with a story I'd sip one day at a time until kingdom come. The taste of this narrative fluctuates—periodically... Continue Reading →

John 18 Wrap-Up

Feel that shiver creeping along your spine? We've arrived at Bran Castle in Romania—the inspiration behind Stoker's Dracula legend. In the story, an insatiable evil roams the shadows, stalking his prey at liberty, but only until daybreak. The eighteenth chapter of John likewise portrays an enemy out for blood while the moon is high. Friends... Continue Reading →

Happy At Home

(This post was originally published on the Baptist Churches of New England’s blog on October 18, 2022. You can find it here.) If it's been a while since you perused Deuteronomy, I highly recommend a refresher. There are several surprises scattered like Easter eggs throughout. One of the most stunning expectations is this:  "When a man... Continue Reading →

John 17 Wrap-Up

Aaaand on your right, folks, you'll see the gorgeous sunset skyline of Jerusalem, along with the wildly famous Western Wall. Travelers come from all over the world to pray near these stones, speaking or writing requests to leave in the cracks. John 17 is a prayer straight from the lips of Jesus in the garden... Continue Reading →

Dream Bigger

(This post was originally published on the Baptist Churches of New England’s blog on August 22, 2022. You can find it here.) "How could we bless you?" He looked at me intently as I gathered the courage to reply: "I'd love to go to seminary." "Done," he said. "You should have dreamed bigger." Let me tell... Continue Reading →

John 16 Wrap-Up

I hope you've brought your SCUBA gear along, friends: we're going for a swim. In 1511, a ship wrecked on the reefs of Sumatra. This particular vessel was carrying a significant load of silver and gold—valued today at a whopping $2.6 billion—and has yet to be recovered. As we continue our journey with John into... Continue Reading →

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