A Tale of Two Cups

(This post was originally published on the Baptist Churches of New England’s blog on December 14, 2022. You can find it here.) An invisible cup was handed to me on the occasion of my first breath, filled with a story I'd sip one day at a time until kingdom come. The taste of this narrative fluctuates—periodically... Continue Reading →

Seeking Jesus in the Old Testament

Hide-and-seek was one of my favorite games growing up. I'd crouch under tables, behind bulky clothing items in closets, and pretty much anywhere else I could cram myself in the space of a minute. I wasn't great at it, but I was seldom the first one spotted. When I learned that the entire Bible (rather... Continue Reading →

Meditating with Isaiah

Something incredible happens when you give yourself enough space with a single passage to let it seep deep into the marrow of your soul. Today's post is less explanation, more experiment. Grab a piece of paper to take notes on and just roll with it, okay? Your dead shall live; their bodies shall rise. You... Continue Reading →

John 1 Resources

Any well-traveled girl will tell you the importance of smart packing. As we jump into John's gospel, we'll need to make room for treasures we find along the way, little surprises to make a good journey even better. Video by The Gospel Project This overview of the front half of John's gospel is informative and... Continue Reading →

What Women Need

(This post was edited for and originally published on the Baptist Convention of New England's blog on June 24, 2019. You can find it here.) While working with a program that prepared couples for long-term missions, I began to notice a deeply troubling disparity in the expectations and the definitions of spiritual excellence for males... Continue Reading →

How It Works

You brave soul. Good for you! We can tackle this beautiful book together. How? For each chapter, there's a corresponding schedule, a plan to keep us on track. Sermons are linked for easy online access, or you can print the whole thing out if you enjoy manually checking off calendar squares as much as I... Continue Reading →

Touring with John

I'm typically a safe adventurer. While you won't find me out hiking mountain ranges or surviving the desert wilds, I love a good epic (and much like Bilbo, I prefer to read said good epic in front of my fireplace with a steaming cup of tea). Curled up with a sweeping journey through a vast... Continue Reading →

The Percolating Life

Let the Word of Christ dwell in you richly... (Colossians 3:16) The best part of grocery shopping with my mother was the coffee aisle. Millions of beans waited in a line of plastic dispensers, each with a distinct scent. As soon as the other shoppers had moved on, I'd drift from one end of the... Continue Reading →

Word: 30 Ways to Begin, Part 2

Let's jump in where we left off last week without dressing up the introduction too much, shall we? 16. Try a redemptive historical reading (especially fun in the Old Testament). Ask, "How does this passage point to something about the person or work of Jesus?" It assumes that He is the ultimate Hero of Scripture,... Continue Reading →

Word: 30 Ways to Begin, Part 1

The preparations are all finished. You've got a cozy little nook waiting for you, a chunk of time blocked out just for this, essential supplies at the ready, an alert mind, and a soft heart. Now what? We took our time getting settled because I wanted the process of preliminaries to be as non-scary as... Continue Reading →

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