John 1 Resources

Any well-traveled girl will tell you the importance of smart packing. As we jump into John’s gospel, we’ll need to make room for treasures we find along the way, little surprises to make a good journey even better.

Video by The Gospel Project

This overview of the front half of John’s gospel is informative and fascinating. (I love me some doodles.) It’s a great way of getting a feel for the first twelve chapters of the book.

Keri Denker’s John Study

Speaking of loving me some doodles, this brilliant woman has assembled adorable scribble people to guide readers through the gospel of John. (My favorite doodle man is John the Baptist with his curly beard and furry robe.) Her study, which includes application, notes, themes, and fun tidbits, is available in two formats: print your own or order a hard copy. Either way, this stuff is gold.

Crossway’s Illuminated Scripture Journal

For $6, you can get this phenomenal little copy of John. 126 pages. Gorgeous cover design. And every right-hand page is a dotted grid, perfect for sketches, sermon notes, journaling, or prayers. In full disclosure, I have no idea what I’m going to do with mine. I’m just excited about all of the possibilities at this point.

My John 1 Spotify Playlist

I’ve always been drawn to music—playing it, categorizing it, whatever, so I couldn’t pass up a chance to curate my own soundtrack to each chapter of John’s gospel. Themes, lines, titles: everything gets a chance to shine here. I’m hoping it prompts you to take what you like and create your own playlist to provide some background music for the road ahead.

Quizlet App

Before it’s all said and done, we’ll have accumulated quite the collection of meditation verses! This is a wonderful (and free!) way of reviewing past passages and keeping them fresh. Try flash cards in the carpool wait line. Or quiz yourself at the grocery store. Can’t sleep? Use the matching game.

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