Self Care Check-in

The day of giving an account to our Maker is coming. This fact used to terrify me, paralyzing any movement for fear of getting it wrong. Standing firm in the gospel, though, that same fact can spark the most joyful, free, effective, wholehearted living available, and yield an incredible harvest. Don't believe me? Just review... Continue Reading →

The Bride Victorious

As the iron bars thunder upward, you're deafened by the roar of the drunken crowd. Alcohol sloshes from their cups, greasy meat clinging to the corners of lips placing bets on which of your family members will die first. Music. Cheering. Heckling. Flirting. Time slows to a crawl, and you notice how Rome's breeze scratches... Continue Reading →

When Clouds Cheer

I wonder if this scenario sounds familiar. You've found a moment quiet enough to hear yourself think. It might be in the middle of the night, or maybe it's when the rush of the day has paused. Your mind wanders to what God has called you to, whether general Christian obedience or a more specific... Continue Reading →

The Lord My Rock Piler

We serve a good God, and I'm constantly finding new favorite things about Him. One such example is His habit of building reminders into the culture of His people. He knew we have terribly short memory spans, and His compassion toward us prompted an insistence on visuals that would bring us back to truth. There's... Continue Reading →

Faithful and True

One who searches Scripture cannot manage to escape the faithfulness of God: it's the ink that forms the print and is present everywhere from "in the beginning" to "come, Lord Jesus." His promises, His acts, His attitudes, His character—it's all steeped in His faithfulness. Our culture doesn't value faithfulness very highly, and the "muchness" of... Continue Reading →

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