Winning Winter

I'm a burgeoning cold-weather convert. (Which is a good thing, since it's flurrying as I type.) Snow in my southern childhood seemed magical—because it disappeared so quickly. When Riley and I moved to New England ten years ago to join the "frozen chosen," the magic was back. But then the magic wouldn't leave, and it... Continue Reading →

Happy At Home

(This post was originally published on the Baptist Churches of New England’s blog on October 18, 2022. You can find it here.) If it's been a while since you perused Deuteronomy, I highly recommend a refresher. There are several surprises scattered like Easter eggs throughout. One of the most stunning expectations is this:  "When a man... Continue Reading →

Three Books to Hack Your 2021

(This post was originally published on the Baptist Convention of New England’s blog on December 31, 2020. You can find it here.) hack: a strategy or technique for managing one's time or activities more efficiently* "Auld Lang Syne" swells in the background as you sweep the last bits of Christmas into storage, making way for countdowns... Continue Reading →

Seasonal Living

In the middle of a pandemic, little excitements take on a larger-than-life quality. One thing I'm inordinately giddy about right now is an idea for a new creative undertaking: seasonal family notebooks. I scooped up four sturdy art journals on sale last week and haven't stopped dreaming of the beautiful resources I'll turn them into... Continue Reading →

A Thanksgiving Word Feast

The end of November has come, and festoon-feathered fowls everywhere run for cover. In light of the difficult year we've survived, I have gathered a smorgasbord of lyrics, verses, and quotes to help usher in a festive mood. Here's hoping this feast of words will be to your soul what a really great pumpkin pie... Continue Reading →

Autumn Kindness

Election season. Does that make your soul groan, too, or is it just me? I do a pretty good job most of the time guarding my eyes, ears, and thoughts from drama overload. (Being super picky about media intake will do that.) But as November 3rd looms, the cacophony is building, even for those of... Continue Reading →

Lent for the Expecting Heart

(This post was originally published on the Baptist Convention of New England’s blog on March 9, 2020. You can find it here.) Days swell with the anticipation of that larger-than-life rhythm that has marked humanity since the garden: death and resurrection. The groans of bringing forth new life hang heavy in the future. As I find... Continue Reading →

A Different Kind of Meal Prep

Step right up, ladies and gents! Today only, we're showing you how to make a month's worth of freezer-friendly dinners in only two hours! Meal prep is a fairly recent phenomenon consisting of planning, purchasing, cooking, and assembling large amounts of grub at once so that meals throughout the week lose the meltdown quotient for... Continue Reading →

A Nest for Spring

Homes are very much like people and take on a life of their own. As spring breaks through from the hardened earth of winter, our dwellings can shake off the gloom and echo the vibrant season on the other side of the windowpanes. April is a feast for the senses. Here are some simple ways... Continue Reading →


A friend recently pointed out that the population of Connecticut moves to rhythms rather than to routine. As a native Okie gal, I found this observation intriguing; my soul took a deep breath and smiled. Of course! Of course Connecticutians (or Connecticutters, or whatever they may be) adhere more to rhythm than routine. And of... Continue Reading →

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