My absolute favorite part of any trip is coming home and unpacking. I don't care if I get to spend a month in Fiji on the beach (well, I mean, I might care a little)—unloading my suitcase, doing laundry, putting everything where it goes, and reestablishing my normal rhythms again? This is where my heart... Continue Reading →

Week 4 Extras

Insert all the glitter ever here! We've done it! A full 31 days of self-discovery—the good, the bad, the ugly, and the mercy-filled. Take a bow, if you please. This month has been marvelousy tackled by the one-of-a-kind, spectacular, crucial you! Hooray! Curious about more resources for this final week? Gotcha covered. Creativity: Check out... Continue Reading →

Blessing and Sending

DAY 31 "The meaning of our lives emerges in the surrender of ourselves to an adventure of becoming who we are not yet." (Brennan Manning) Oh, my sweet friend, you have done it. The scary, tiring, unsure work of seeing yourself as you are without turning away or grabbing the armor that keeps life at... Continue Reading →

Marking Your Trail

DAY 30 Making a list and checking it twice is my jam. I love planning and details and hot cups of tea cooling as schedules fill up with washi tape and color-coordinated dates, information solidifying on the page. The energy of raw data being gathered, sifted, verified, organized, and recorded in a useful way is... Continue Reading →

Goal Digger

DAY 29 Ah, New Year's resolutions. About 80% fail by the second week of February (U.S. News), and only 8% succeed in any given year (University of Scranton). And yet, come January 1, we keep doggedly showing up, writing down, and wondering what went wrong (curse you, Valentine's Day candy!). Resolutions are dreams. Goals are... Continue Reading →

Made for This

DAY 28 The scream ran its shockwaves through our entire house. Dad rushed into the room where my little brother and I had been playing to find Jared in tears, clutching his skull, me looking caught, and a very suspicious ping pong paddle wallowing in two pieces on the floor. "Kassie, what happened?" Dad demanded.... Continue Reading →

When You’re In Front

DAY 27 "It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed ... Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure, than to take rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much because they live in the... Continue Reading →

Mind Games

DAY 26 I've never been one for stuck-ness. While some pastors' wives have a favorite seat in a church full of pews owned by specific families, I tend to move all over the place to keep people on their toes. (Quit glaring at me, honey lamb—that is Jesus' chair, not yours.) In that playful spirit,... Continue Reading →

Where Your Treasure Is

DAY 25 Remember how when you were little, $10 seemed like a million? (Honestly, there were probably college days that felt like that, too.) Money was this profound, magical, amorphous concept that you could hardly wrap your head around. Now you're paying bills. Finances have gotten a sort of bad rap in lots of churches,... Continue Reading →

Body Language

DAY 24 No matter where you stand with food, this faith is steeped in it. The garden overflowed with choice fruit. God provided manna for His needy people in the wilderness, and Jesus Himself is the Bread of Life. We come together as a family around a table in memory of the work He's accomplished... Continue Reading →

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