Friendly Fire

Our oneness [in the Church] will either validate or negate the claims of the gospel. (Karen Hodge) Okay, class, it's time for a pop quiz. Select the correct answer from the following choices. (And yes, there's only one.) Jesus said, "By this all people will know that you are My disciples, if you ______________________________." go... Continue Reading →

Baking Unity into Your World

I’m kind of a bread addict. This summer, I baked it for the first time in my life. There is just something about a steaming loaf of crispy, floury crust on the outside and flaky deliciousness on the inside that grabs at me. Despite having only recently donned a baker’s hat, rolled up my sleeves,... Continue Reading →

Conflict and Unity

Anyone besides hermits born in the wilderness can tell you that whenever you put multiple individuals in close proximity, there is a high likelihood of eventual conflict. And if those hermits happened to be neighbors, it wouldn’t take long for them to learn, too. Even Cain and Abel duked it out when they constituted half... Continue Reading →

Surprised by Unity

Thanksgiving is more than food to me: it’s a chance for my crazy, animated, and very vocal family to come together in all of their comic glory every year. It’s a reminder that no matter our differences, these are my people, and this is where my heart belongs. Family festivities are a pretty basic locale... Continue Reading →

Obstacles to Unity

I giggled at one of those retro-looking but kind of catty pictures on Pinterest the other day. It said, “Life was much simpler when we could play a friendly game of red rover and just clothesline the people we didn’t like.” While I was never particularly vicious in red rover (partly because I had no... Continue Reading →

What the Bible Says About Unity

We've been dwelling in Philippians at church lately. So what's an overachieving girl with no current Bible study to do? Go through Philippians on her own, of course! Paul seemed completely set on writing this letter with a focused direction in mind: to help a new church's hearts grow closer together as they grow closer... Continue Reading →

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