God Moves in a Mysterious Way

It used to bug me that I couldn't wrap my mind around God's mind. Now it's one of the most comforting and hope-filled facts of my existence. Why? Imagine a toddler who can fully comprehend everything her parents think, a tiny child with adult understanding. Not only does she realize she can't have cookies for... Continue Reading →

Our God Is

Fiercely protective. Unflinching. Gentle and compassionate. Impressive. Utterly good in every aspect. Reliable. Simultaneously strong and beautiful. Victorious. Completely just. Active. Holy. Enduring. Determined to rescue. Merciful. Avenging. Creative. Adventurous. Full of wisdom. Sheltering. Surprising. Unchanging. Absurdly generous. Sovereign. Faultless. Matchless. Relentless. The One who's been planning the ultimate destruction of evil since before time... Continue Reading →

Headed Home

I used to be scared to death of death. The worst-case scenario would play out in my eight-year-old brain: I'd show up at Judgment Day and get a scowl and the boot. I'd then be led off to spend eternity writhing in agony with worms and flames and demons, trying to figure out how I... Continue Reading →

Vast as the Sea

I find it beautiful how nature and truth mimic one another. It only makes sense because the Author of truth is also the Creator of all things, so He has quite the advantage. Regret is like the sea: it laps at your feet and can drown you if you're not careful around the currents. It... Continue Reading →

Hope for the Least of These

Warning: The following contains elements of very real darkness and very real light. The darkness is fictional (though inspired by actual events that happen all the time), but the light is true, true, true. There is a heavenly rhythm that sways the people of God: it rescues the lost and lifts up the downtrodden. It... Continue Reading →

An Arsenal of Hope

Each soul has its own distinct soundtrack, a series of melodies and lyrics that run through it in the middle of the night and under the wide open blue sky. The words whisper deep truths (or lies), the music beats or thrums or whirrs or tinkles or screams, and our lives match the cadence and... Continue Reading →

When Hope Is Hard

Christmas isn't always the most wonderful time of the year. Thankful families think full about their loved ones in constant danger on active duty overseas. Loneliness bites at the fingertips of forgotten elders tucked away in their nursing home beds. Recently-emptied chairs and newly-filled graves loom large in the light of nativity season. Grief, bitterness,... Continue Reading →

A Month of Hope

Have you ever noticed how quickly a certain smell can bring up emotions or memories? The hallway to my kindergarten always smelled of glue, crayons, and, somehow, learning. If you could bottle that scent up and release a bit around me unannounced, I'd immediately be transported right back to the place of months of the... Continue Reading →

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