Our God Is

Fiercely protective. Unflinching. Gentle and compassionate. Impressive. Utterly good in every aspect. Reliable. Simultaneously strong and beautiful. Victorious. Completely just. Active. Holy. Enduring. Determined to rescue. Merciful. Avenging. Creative. Adventurous. Full of wisdom. Sheltering. Surprising. Unchanging. Absurdly generous. Sovereign. Faultless. Matchless. Relentless.

The One who’s been planning the ultimate destruction of evil since before time existed.

The One who spoke the cosmos into being: the furnace of the sun, the depths of hidden canyons, every grain of black, white, and pink sand on every beach there is, and you.

The One who hid a pearl of hope in the very curse that our rebellion earned.

The One who chose, pursued, and saved a stubborn slice of humanity over and over again in the desert all those years ago.

The One who kept calling for His own to return to Him, the only true source of life.

The One who breathed an entire Testament on how we couldn’t fix the mess and of how He would.

The One we have difficulty reconciling with our shallow versions of what a nice God would be/do.

The One who stepped down into time and space and flesh and rescued again, once and for all.

The One who walked the seas He created.

The One who made the blind see, the lame walk, the dead rise, and the captives go free.

The One who endured every kind of misery so we wouldn’t have to.

The One who fights for us even now, praying in our place, convicting of sin, drawing to Himself in love, heaven-bent on having our hearts.

The One who works all things—all things—together for His glory and our good.

The One who came and who’s coming again.

The One we’ll lift high forever.

The One all the stories point to, all the songs whisper about, all the longings spring from.

This is our God.

Shall we not worship?

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