John 11 Wrap-Up

Next stop: Giza. When it comes to memorable tombs, these pyramids top the charts. We need to pause our globetrotting long enough to really appreciate such colossal monuments. Can you sense the weight of death's finality? Long-held wealth and power are buried forever. John 11 revolves around a famous grave—one that would quickly be robbed... Continue Reading →

John 10 Wrap-Up

Here we are again, roaming the world with our good friend John. We've seen so many wonders already, treasures buried deep in this rich gospel. The road widens ahead and leads to rolling green pastures. Who's up for some Celtic scenery? According to Ireland's 2016 Census, the nation boasts more sheep than humans. What an... Continue Reading →

John 9 Wrap-Up

Grab the camera and lace up your walking shoes, friends; it's time to visit the Great Wall of China! Just as this breathtaking structure—which stretches over 13,000 miles!—creates a barrier between those on the inside and those on the outside, chapter 9 reveals a definite dividing line between those sympathetic to Jesus and those set... Continue Reading →

John 8 Wrap-Up

Our epic tour around the globe (and through the Gospel of John) now brings us to St. Peter's Basilica. This architectural colossus is the world's largest church; with a capacity of 60,000, it dominates the physical landscape of Vatican City and the spiritual landscape of the West. St. Peter's has been called "the greatest of... Continue Reading →

John 7 Wrap-Up

Who's ready to party? The next stop on our global tour is the "biggest show on earth," Rio de Janeiro's Carnival! Prepare yourself for crazy costumes, amazing floats, and revelry like you can't even imagine. And the best part is the massive person of Jesus with His arms outstretched over the entire scene. If you're... Continue Reading →

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