John 14 Wrap-Up

The next stop on our worldwide tour needs no introduction—welcome to Disneyland! This embodiment of hope-filled wonder is the stuff of childhood dreams; sheer anticipation of a trip is enough to keep a kid awake for a month. In the fourteenth chapter of John, Jesus lays out massive promises for those who love Him. The... Continue Reading →

John 13 Wrap-Up

Attention, travelers! We've arrived at Kirkjufell ("Church Mountain") in Iceland just in time to catch a spectacular view of the aurora borealis. This natural phenomenon can be instantly recognized by its colorful dance blazing across the night sky, and it's especially stunning here. In the same way we see such beauty on display and immediately... Continue Reading →

John 12 Wrap-Up

Welcome to the floating city! Venice boasts a bustling culture perched atop the water—and a thriving undercurrent outside every door. In John 12, the plot beneath the surface swells from several directions at once: the traitor, the crowds, the enemies, the seekers, the Father, and the Savior Himself. Between Mary anointing Jesus' feet, the triumphal... Continue Reading →

John 11 Wrap-Up

Next stop: Giza. When it comes to memorable tombs, these pyramids top the charts. We need to pause our globetrotting long enough to really appreciate such colossal monuments. Can you sense the weight of death's finality? Long-held wealth and power are buried forever. John 11 revolves around a famous grave—one that would quickly be robbed... Continue Reading →

John 10 Wrap-Up

Here we are again, roaming the world with our good friend John. We've seen so many wonders already, treasures buried deep in this rich gospel. The road widens ahead and leads to rolling green pastures. Who's up for some Celtic scenery? According to Ireland's 2016 Census, the nation boasts more sheep than humans. What an... Continue Reading →

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