John 20 Wrap-Up

So there you are, walking along and minding your own business, when WHAM! You're face to face with... well, a giant face. Almost a thousand of them, actually. Welcome to Easter Island, our location for John's account of the resurrection. (No, I couldn't help myself. It's called EASTER ISLAND, people.) Let's stretch our legs a... Continue Reading →

John 19 Wrap-Up

Well, friends, it's time to steel ourselves; we're en route to the grimmest stop along our journey. Just ahead lies Auschwitz—Poland's site of unspeakable horrors that claimed more than a million lives under Nazi rule. But the carnage that hangs heavy in the air of this complex is nothing compared to our premeditated extermination of... Continue Reading →

John 18 Wrap-Up

Feel that shiver creeping along your spine? We've arrived at Bran Castle in Romania—the inspiration behind Stoker's Dracula legend. In the story, an insatiable evil roams the shadows, stalking his prey at liberty, but only until daybreak. The eighteenth chapter of John likewise portrays an enemy out for blood while the moon is high. Friends... Continue Reading →

John 17 Wrap-Up

Aaaand on your right, folks, you'll see the gorgeous sunset skyline of Jerusalem, along with the wildly famous Western Wall. Travelers come from all over the world to pray near these stones, speaking or writing requests to leave in the cracks. John 17 is a prayer straight from the lips of Jesus in the garden... Continue Reading →

John 16 Wrap-Up

I hope you've brought your SCUBA gear along, friends: we're going for a swim. In 1511, a ship wrecked on the reefs of Sumatra. This particular vessel was carrying a significant load of silver and gold—valued today at a whopping $2.6 billion—and has yet to be recovered. As we continue our journey with John into... Continue Reading →

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