John 17 Wrap-Up

Aaaand on your right, folks, you'll see the gorgeous sunset skyline of Jerusalem, along with the wildly famous Western Wall. Travelers come from all over the world to pray near these stones, speaking or writing requests to leave in the cracks. John 17 is a prayer straight from the lips of Jesus in the garden... Continue Reading →

John 16 Wrap-Up

I hope you've brought your SCUBA gear along, friends: we're going for a swim. In 1511, a ship wrecked on the reefs of Sumatra. This particular vessel was carrying a significant load of silver and gold—valued today at a whopping $2.6 billion—and has yet to be recovered. As we continue our journey with John into... Continue Reading →

John 15 Wrap-Up

Ciao, travelers! If you've been getting thirsty for a while now, I have good news: just ahead lie the verdant vineyards of Tuscany. On our private tour through one of the best, we'll explore the rich world of Italian viticulture and all of the wonders it has to offer. At this point in the gospel... Continue Reading →

John 14 Wrap-Up

The next stop on our worldwide tour needs no introduction—welcome to Disneyland! This embodiment of hope-filled wonder is the stuff of childhood dreams; sheer anticipation of a trip is enough to keep a kid awake for a month. In the fourteenth chapter of John, Jesus lays out massive promises for those who love Him. The... Continue Reading →

John 13 Wrap-Up

Attention, travelers! We've arrived at Kirkjufell ("Church Mountain") in Iceland just in time to catch a spectacular view of the aurora borealis. This natural phenomenon can be instantly recognized by its colorful dance blazing across the night sky, and it's especially stunning here. In the same way we see such beauty on display and immediately... Continue Reading →

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