Speak Fresh

And He said unto them, "Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature." (Mark 16:15) Analyzing the speech of most believers, you'll find a strange device on our tongues: Christianese. We sound like we're stuck in the King James version of reality, trying to make the world around us understand... Continue Reading →

Creative Thinking

Fall is a beautiful time to dream big, try big, and even fail big. I just finished up a free online art class that included some ways to view the world creatively. The instructor suggested taking walks in nature, paying attention to the different kinds of light you'll encounter: filtered through changing leaves, dappling the... Continue Reading →

She Makes

This month we've focused a lot on making stuff, on echoing our Creator in His rhythm of bringing beauty from chaos. We'll wrap up the theme by taking a look at how the Proverbs 31 woman, that brave lady of valor, uses her creativity. Keep in mind that while we are to find inspiration in... Continue Reading →

Make: Art in Scripture

Shhhh! Can you keep a secret? I have found a golden nugget, and because we are friends, I'd like to share it with you. May I? Tucked snugly into the second chapter of the Bible is a Hebrew word that gives validity (and purpose) to the task of creating. The Lord God took the man... Continue Reading →

Make: A New Manifesto

For the glory of God and the betterment of the world, I will push myself as a creative to... let go of pretense, perfectionism, and procrastinationstructure my life so that there are no major hindrances to my best workencourage creative acts in othersinfuse even the most mundane tasks with meaningmake learning and doing a consistent... Continue Reading →

Make: Getting Started

Think about your top five favorite things to do. I'd bet they were all a bit daunting before you jumped in and tried them. Some may even have taken time for you to grow to love. But since they fall into your present faves list, grow to love them you did. Can we be real... Continue Reading →

A Few of My Favorite Things

There's no time to get creative like spring. Nature bursts into dizzying color all around, and those many delicious rainy days beg for something to be splashed across a canvas. What a brilliant opportunity to hunt for gifts! This month, let your inner artist loose. Whether you're 100% comfortable with your creative prowess or you... Continue Reading →

Creative Freedom

Of all the aspects of freedom, this is the one I have personally latched onto the most as I've entered adulthood. It might be tempting for you to write off this post if you don't see yourself as particularly artistic. Please don't. There is something incredible the Lord would like to show you: you are... Continue Reading →

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