Creative Freedom

Of all the aspects of freedom, this is the one I have personally latched onto the most as I’ve entered adulthood. It might be tempting for you to write off this post if you don’t see yourself as particularly artistic. Please don’t. There is something incredible the Lord would like to show you: you are art, and you make art. Scripture calls you God’s masterpiece, and we are made in the image of our Creator—the Creator. As such, we create. For you, it may not be detailed paintings or divine music. It might be the best sandwiches on the block. The brightest smile at your next customer. A glimpse of Christ dazzling through a note of encouragement.

As God’s masterpiece, art isn’t something you have to strive toward; it’s something you do naturally! The way you tuck your kids in is art. How you pick out what you’ll wear today is art. Offering every tiny bit of how God made you back to Him. That’s art. For you to live in creative freedom is for you to explore how you are wired and how you can cultivate that to the best of your ability. Culture has picked up on this strain lately. Fifty years ago, grownups wouldn’t be caught dead coloring for fun. But go into any major bookseller today and you’ll find adult coloring books. A quick pinterest search for “Bible journaling” yields amazing creative possibilities for turning truth into beauty.

Please know that you’ve been given permission to explore. Be silly and get creative. Use crayons on construction paper. Write a song. Bake something. Type up a poem. Break out the sidewalk chalk. Try sewing a tutu. Glue sequins, feathers, and macaroni onto a weird object. It’s childish? So what? Aren’t we to come to God like little kids (Matthew 18:3)? Push through feelings of inadequacy, fear, and any excuses to not create. This is important. You’re making time to become more fully and honestly yourself. I’m obviously not telling you to ignore your responsibilities. But I do want you to recognize that pursuing a creative life is a holy endeavor, a kind of responsibility all its own.

For perfectionists (hello, friends!), it’s okay—and crucial—to give up the idea of perfect. Art is just as much about the process as it is about the outcome. If you grow closer to Jesus but end up with a really ugly piece, that is not wasted time at all. Use these chances as opportunities to learn and to release control. At the end of the day, we are art. Beautiful, unashamed masterpieces who lack perfection but display glory just the same. Let your light shine through that fact.

Want to process this? Here you go:

  1. How comfortable are you with creativity on a regular basis? Do you tend to see it more as a hobby or as a necessity? Why?
  2. When you were little, what creative outlets did you enjoy?
  3. Who is someone who can encourage you to live art and make art?
  4. Which daily or weekly activities have you engaged in that could fit into this new definition of art?
  5. How can you cultivate creativity in your life and family?
  6. What voices have killed your creative impulse in the past? How would Jesus respond to them?

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