She Makes

This month we’ve focused a lot on making stuff, on echoing our Creator in His rhythm of bringing beauty from chaos. We’ll wrap up the theme by taking a look at how the Proverbs 31 woman, that brave lady of valor, uses her creativity. Keep in mind that while we are to find inspiration in her, we aren’t expected to become her carbon copies. Mrs. P can play out in our lives a thousand different ways. But here are the general principles the Lord establishes through our lovely big sister:

1. Make joyfully.

Whatever your offering looks like on any given day (peanut butter sandwiches, intentional prayer time for a friend, a thoughtful card, etc.), let it bubble with joy. If you read the last chapter of Proverbs, you won’t find any appearance of duty or obligation. She uses her gifting as an expression of gladness.

2. Make wisely.

Every family’s needs are unique. If you were to take an inventory of what those around you lacked, what might it be? Refreshing time together? A solid budget? Opportunities to learn and explore? Pour creativity into addressing a scarce area for your people; then you can laugh at the days to come, knowing you’ve provided well for their hearts/minds/bodies.

3. Make generously.

The end goal of all of this making talk isn’t to hoard beauty but to be conduits of God’s goodness to the world. After your family is taken care of, create for others. Color a picture, knit a scarf, bake some fresh goodies. Whatever your thing is, do it all for the glory of God and the good of the world.

4. Make bravely.

Notice the absence of shame in the Proverbs 31 woman. She isn’t drowning in fears or doubts or insecurity; she even “perceives that her merchandise is profitable.” You have permission to not run down what God has wired you to do. We tend to put little pieces of ourselves into what we make, so every creative act is an act of courage.

5. Make diligently.

No one is telling you to get in a good three hours of making before everyone else is up. But bringing a mind ready for creative purpose to whatever you do throughout the day allows you to make without bending over backwards or feeling overwhelmed. Heck, you can turn laundry into a making session by clicking a photo of the different fabrics all jumbled together or humming a new song about bubbles. If you like to play with words, use your next team meeting or coffee shop conversation to craft some deep thoughts put just the right way. All you need to do is be present and ready to create.

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