Make: A New Manifesto

For the glory of God and the betterment of the world, I will push myself as a creative to…

  • let go of pretense, perfectionism, and procrastination
  • structure my life so that there are no major hindrances to my best work
  • encourage creative acts in others
  • infuse even the most mundane tasks with meaning
  • make learning and doing a consistent personal rhythm
  • be regularly exposed to inspiration
  • balance a sense of fun with an awareness of the holy
  • find my creative limits and push them
  • practice excellence
  • explore beauty in the world around me
  • stop seeing my work as an insignificant hobby
  • start seeing my work as a contribution and legacy
  • be patient with the process
  • offer my gifts bravely
  • be disciplined in showing up to create
  • quit letting fear dictate my work
  • grow in who I am more than in what I do

(Feel free to print this out and post it somewhere you need to see it on a regular basis. Cheers!)

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