Scripture Aesthetics: Mary and Martha

An amazing story waits for women in Luke 10. Two sisters with very different heart orientations host Jesus in their home, and despite His guest status, He ends up tending to both of their souls in a way that only the Great Home Maker could. Here’s my creative take on what these famous sisters might have been like.

Mary: fully engaging in the present, spontaneous worship songs, sleeping in on Saturday mornings, the slow babbling of brooks, a quickness to laugh, rough cotton dresses, the thrill of a new Bible study, long country rambles, procrastination, rhythms of grace, a huge bowl of popcorn, the beauty of being defended, a worn hymnal with dog-eared pages

Martha: planning ahead, the scent of lemons and pine, whistling while you work, stains on your apron, fresh laundry, star charts and check lists, a Pinterest-worthy table setting, stacks of home magazines, the deep internal cry for justice, a basket of hot rolls for the weary traveler, the sound of your name in a friend’s mouth, New Year’s resolutions, a job well done

One thought on “Scripture Aesthetics: Mary and Martha

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  1. I love them. I appreciate the reminder of how Jesus tended to both of their souls, I always tend to look at it like Mary was ‘right’ and Martha ‘not so much’ you are a wise lady …….AND I like the way you describe me…haha!


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