A Few of My Favorite Things

Winter pulls me inward, spring calls me forth, and summer sets me loose, but fall—it invigorates me down to my toes. There’s nothing like the energy that accompanies orchards and county fairs; you can almost taste it. Football games send cadences up into the air until even the staunchest introvert is dizzy with excitement. Leaves come crashing to the earth in a mad rush while mugs fill with steaming cider and plastic buckets fill with candy. Foggy mornings give way to crisp, clear afternoons scented with anticipation. Oh, friends! The God who thought all this up must be a very good God indeed.

Some October gifts to point you toward

Blog Post: When Someone’s Sin Slaps You with Shame by Angela Nazworth

It’s astounding how often I encounter shame—both in myself and as I work with other ladies. Our hearts are easily bullied by this relentless tyrant, so we’ve got to have some gospel lyrics ready at a moment’s notice. Angela provides just such a beautiful service with this piece.

Clip Series: Vintage 21’s Jesus Videos

I. love. these. Here’s the YouTube description: “In Spring of 2003, Vintage21 Church in Raleigh, NC had a four week series on Jesus Christ, taking a deeper look at what He said and did. It was difficult at times to get past our preconceived notions that had been developed by staunch, starched Sunday School classes of old. This is a satirical look at what some people think Jesus is like. Thank goodness He’s not.” Warning: you might pee your pants a little from giggling so hard.

Study Help: Blue Letter Bible

Want to take your personal study to the next level? At a recent training for women put on by The Gospel Coalition, this was one of the recommended resources. BLB has a full-blown website and a handy app. Bonus: FOURTEEN FREE BIBLE COURSES. The nerd in me is doing a happy dance.

Heart Snippets: Love Story Films on Vimeo

October makes me pine for moody kisses on horseback. For a quick burst of aesthetic romance when you don’t have time for a whole chick flick, look no further. An amazing couple, shot through with creative excellence, creates short real-life fairy tale adventures for us to enjoy together on the not-so-big screen.

Non-Profit: Bags of Hope New England

This Jesus-hearted bunch serves kids who are transitioning into the foster system by providing monogrammed duffel bags filled with comfort items. In the absence of such a ministry, what few belongings little ones have are toted around in—get this—trash bags. You can organize a duffel-stuffing party, donate to the organization, or help with bag delivery. No matter how you get involved, you’ll be partnering in the Father’s care for the least of these.

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