A Few of My Favorite Things

A new decade has dawned. Can’t you smell all of that fresh possibility? The future is ripe and our hearts are ready. Let’s shake off the shadows of the past, take a deep breath, and jump. 2020, here we come!

Some January gifts to point you toward

Encouragement: My New Year’s Wish for You by Sarah Clarkson

In a world swirling with anger and negativity, wordsmiths who cultivate hope are treasures worth seeking. Sarah’s gift for pouring out life through her keyboard is paired with artwork for a post that will help your soul inhale. Here are her opening lines, just enough to whet your appetite: “On New Year’s eve, my friends, under a freshened, star-swept sky with a sliver of a golden moon, midst the echoes of my siblings crooning ‘the parting glass’, and a whole new turn of time’s wheel at our doorstep, this is my new year’s wish for you: I wish you joy. Simple, river-deep and just as swift.”

Tunes: New Year, New Thing Playlist

Now that the Christmas classics have been stashed away for next winter, do you need a soundtrack for the first days of January? This mix—with everything from Family Force 5 to Ella Fitzgerald—has got you covered.

Nonprofit: Children with Hair Loss

If you’re planning a big chop (at least eight inches) sometime in the next year, this organization will donate your locks to a child in need for free. It’s a super simple process: print the online form, attach it to a baggie filled with your hair, and send it in. They’ll even mail you a fun certificate! I promise you it’s way more satisfying to “cover young heads to heal young hearts” than simply having those strands swept up and thrown away.

Scheduler: Group Publishing’s Jesus-Centered Planner 2020

This is a fun one! I’ve loved Group Publishing for a while, and now it seems they’ve outdone themselves. The description goes: “Pay ridiculous attention to Jesus throughout the entire year as you invite him to shape, guide, and inspire your plans. You’ll live each day more powerfully as your routines, goals, and tasks become living prayers drawing you closer to Jesus and to others.” Are you tired of goal-setting strategies that leave faith out of the equation? No more! This planner helps build a life around the Person and work of Christ.

Launchpad: Bible Journaling 101 by DaySpring

Bible journaling is a popular way to study Scripture and release beauty at the same time. In case you’re hoping to be more artistic in 2020, this is the newbie-friendly place to start. DaySpring has collected articles, products, and inspiration to get those creative juices flowing as you pretty up your Bible. So grab your stickers and pens; there’s art to be made!

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