A Few of My Favorite Things

If Nat King Cole could sing about “those lazy-crazy-hazy days of summer,” can the “cozy-dozy-frozy days of March” be a thing, too? It’s our last chance at enjoying winter hygge—all of the furry blankets, hot soups, candle lighting, and cocoa sipping a soul could want—so let’s make the most of it! We shall squeeze out every last drop of goodness the lingering cold has to offer. Who’s with me?

Some March gifts to point you toward

Winter Blues Cure: Listers Gotta List by The Reset Girl

Give me a pretty journal and a great pen, and I could conquer the world. (Well, maybe just my neighborhood, but whatever.) There’s something about sitting down and writing a list that gives me the same endorphins workouts allegedly provide every other person on the planet. For five minutes a day, I can spill creative order onto the page using this format. (What things would you tell your fifteen-year-old self? Which songs are your favorites? Who are your dearest friends?) If you want more listy goodness, check this out for inspiration.

Lady Post: Amber Haines’ Rosie the Prophetess

Sunday is International Women’s Day, and while I’ve never been on the ‘burn the dainties’ bandwagon, I’m all for celebrating the gentle strength of our sex. God has used His daughters to do some incredible things throughout history, and Amber provides a timely reminder about our calling as women of faith. Read it, and then stand up and cheer!

Body Image Tool: Reconcile by Katie Elizabeth Kemp

I’ve been thinking so much about this over the last couple of weeks, I’ll probably end up blogging about it separately, but I wanted to let you in on the free PDF. Katie created this out of a desire to “bless her body into being rather than curse it.” Before you start bending over backwards trying to get beach body ready, do yourself a favor and work through this first.

Emotional Help: Alia Joy’s When You Feel Hunted by Anxiety

Many people in our area—yes, even Christians—have experienced panic attacks. I love Alia’s writing; it’s such a profoundly raw combination of brokenness and beauty: “The pines swoon under the blush of evening as the sky blossoms in lavender and pink” and “The first time I had a panic attack … I was sure I was dying. I was sure I was mad. I was sure I was broken. I thought my heart might betray me and burst from my chest toppling my soul.” This post carries the voice of a big sister with her arm around you in your dark days.

March Playlist: The Best Celtic Worship Album in the World…Ever!

Epic music and a hilarious title first drew me to this mix, but I’m so glad I stumbled upon it. There’s definitely a throwback feel, which makes my 90s heart happy. What a fun way to celebrate God’s work among the nations (especially around Saint Patrick’s Day)! Whether you’re looking for a soundtrack for reading or a morning heart prompt, this is a lovely resource.

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