A Few of My Favorite Things

Let every heart rejoice—we’ve survived January! It’s pastels and pretty florals from here on out. If the gloomy weather is pressing in on your soul, push back. Put the kettle on and build a fire. Cut heart-shaped marshmallows for your cocoa. Host a game night with some bosom buddies. Turn on those twinkle lights. Spend an evening with your journal and a great worship playlist. Whatever it is that will bring your heart around to truth and beauty, do it.

Some February gifts to point you toward

Craft Project: Mood Board

Spend a little time browsing Pinterest for “February mood board” to get all kinds of inspired. Then gather up magazine clippings, textured papers, and pretty fabrics in your favorite seasonal color scheme and affix them to an empty cork board. Add other little touches until you’re satisfied. (For instance, I’d personally use this as a jumping off point, add some soft pink silk and a spray of baby’s breath, and throw in a white feather just for fun.)

Kitchen Creativity: Jane Austen Magnet Poetry

February is the month of love, and what could be more romantic than concocting your own Darcy-esque stanzas on the fridge? This box of little words is pure magic and comes in handy wherever you need a pop of charm or fascination.

Valentine Decor: Front Door Wreath

Whether you’re looking for an easy date night in, a holiday DIY for the littles, or some personal crafting time, this project fits the bill. All you need is two or three cheap pink boas, a styrofoam ring, and a staple gun. Voila! Instant cheer for the neighborhood to enjoy. (Bonus: it works all the way through spring!)

Blog Post: My Hygge and Faith Morning Routine from The Thin Place

There’s a startling lack of resources that combine hygge (the Danish concept of cozy living) and Jesus, but Bailey over at The Thin Place has accomplished it beautifully. Reading post after post of how important candles and baked goods are makes you realize the loveliness of deepening the application to soul care. Hooray for this!

Marriage Enhancer: 14 Days of Love Letters by The Marriage Laboratory

What a sweet way to anticipate Valentine’s Day! Time, stress, finances, and the ruts of the ordinary have a habit of eating away at relationships, and these simple prompts could be just the thing to rekindle some warm fuzzies. If you’re in a hurry, jot down a couple of sentences each day on a new index card and then put them all together with a binder ring. Feeling extra amorous? Use an old-school quill on parchment or vellum and seal it with wax.

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