A Prayer for Planting Wives

O God of such great grace that chased this planting wife down when she was far from You,

You’ve called her into Your kingdom and out to Your mission, knowing every bump in her road intimately, never asking her to walk alone.

You are the Hero of all her stories, the Builder of Your Church, a God with her and for her. You rage against the enemy on her behalf and run before her with triumphant joy.

Pour out Your favor on her life, her family, her community, her church plant. Let Your hand rest on her constantly, even in the dark. Awaken her to Your relentless pursuit of her heart.

When she’s overwhelmed by trouble, lift her eyes to You, her ever-present Help in times of need. Your power is made perfect in her weakness, and You are more than enough for every single situation she’ll face.

When she’s weary from the muchness of it all, be her resting place. Refresh her soul with truth and beauty. Call her away to be with You in the nooks and crannies of her busy schedule, enjoying guilt-free Sabbath moments together.

When she’s grieving for faraway friends and family and familiarity, remind her that there’s a better home she’s journeying toward, and that because of her obedient sacrifice, others will arrive there, too. Every gospel goodbye she’s uttered has made way for new gospel hellos, souls You’ve marked out for mercy before the foundation of the world.

Out of the overflow of Your riches, provide true friends for her, for her husband, and for her kids. Let these relationships blossom and bear so much more fruit than she could have imagined. And when friends fail, may she know that You are the friend who sticks closer than a brother. Surround her with Your affection.

When the bank account is empty, heap hope into her heart that recalls promise after promise after promise. Let those promises like breadcrumbs lead her back to Your throne in worship.

Spirit, create a Genesis week in her. From the chaos, bring about a flourishing garden, spilling over with beauty and abundance and the fullness of Your presence. Infuse her with purpose. Crown her with dignity. Let her face shine as she beholds Your glory.

Protect her feet from slipping away from the gospel, the only steady ground in a world of shifting sands. Disciple her as she disciples others.

When church problems arise, let Your wisdom and compassion be the filter coloring her thoughts. Help her run to You quickly for help and guidance, and may unlimited obligation give way to genuine love for those You’ve gathered into this local flock.

And when her husband needs a safe space to decompress, robe her in gentleness, patience, grace, and insight. Thank You for the sacred influence You’ve given her in calling her to be a planting wife. May she shepherd her shepherd well, constantly pointing him to their ultimate Pastor.

May the only expectations that hold sway in her life be the ones Jesus has completely, perfectly, forever filled on her behalf. Silence her inner critic, and enable her to see any external critics through frames of mercy.

Guard her footsteps as she forges inroads throughout the pockets of lostness in her community. Protect her and her family from the evil one. Let light go before her and redemption follow in her footsteps.

When she forgets to love where she lives, may she know how important her engaging presence is from an eternal perspective. Plant goodness all around her, and open her eyes to see it.

When life in the fishbowl loses its charm, let her know she’s safe with You, that she can come undone in Your arms.

May fierce delight be the rhythm of her life—being wholly delighted in You, reveling in Your delight over her.

Heal the bruised and wounded bits. Fill the fearful spots with courage. Let the gospel grow up in her, spilling out in the most unexpected places and times and continually reminding her of who she is and who You are.

And in all of this, sing Your celebration song over this faithful servant.

In the name of the One who was sent far away from His home to plant the Church first,


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