A Few of My Favorite Things

When October swishes out of town with her black mask of sequins and feathers, November bustles in bedecked in an apron and armed with a giant crock of soup. She gathers community hearthside, eyes shining at the joys to be doubled and the sorrows to be halved throughout the greying days ahead. Claim a soft blanket, grab your marshmallow roasters, and cozy on up.

Some November gifts to point you toward

Resource: Finding Forever Families by The Dave Thomas Foundation

Ah, Wendy’s, you sweet, sweet restaurant of crispy French fries, the iconic Frosty, and… adoption. November is National Adoption Month, and our church has committed to praying about the possibility of bringing in little hearts and making space for them in our homes. This free guide provides “ten steps to building your forever family.” No pressure—it starts out by simply helping you explore some options. There are prompts to think through, great statistics, common misconceptions, and practical tips.

Recipe Roundup: 20 Ways to Use Leftover Pumpkin by Kitchen Stewardship

Now that Halloween is over, you might be wondering what to do with the profusion of pumpkins on your porch. Set aside a couple for your Thanksgiving spread before reading this hefty list of ideas—you may just want to try them all! (Pumpkin-infused mac and cheese? And granola? And pancakes? Yes, please.)

Exercise Hack: Virtual Walks

This is my best fitness discovery of late. It had never occurred to me that people might wander through gorgeous locations while rolling video to create virtual walks—or hikes or runs or rides, depending on your preference. Position your workout equipment of choice (I like the elliptical) in front of a TV with streaming capability. Then search YouTube for whatever “outing” you feel like. Fancy a jog on a Hawaiian beach? Or a stroll through Vegas? The options are endless; just make sure to not fall off the treadmill when the camera turns.

Seasonal Experiment: Thirty Days to a Hobbit at Heart by Tea with Tolkien

Nothing says you’re settling in for colder weather like adopting the hobbit life. Slow down and savor the simplicity of an increased sense of presence. True, the challenge comes from a Catholic perspective (because Tolkien was Catholic), but the intentionality of an entire month dedicated to unplugging and reconnecting will definitely up your hygge vibes. I’m particularly excited about letting go of something “precious” to me and inviting someone to Second Breakfast.

Music Video: Andrew Peterson’s Is He Worthy?

Well done, Mr. Peterson! Besides serving as a fantastic gospel reminder, this is one of the coolest depictions of the fact that we’re surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses I’ve ever seen. Watch and get ready to worship.

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  1. Wonderful collection. Did you know of my heart for adoption? My two daughters have adopted three delightful and courageous boys from China. This Lao Lao (grandma) is smitten and very thankful.


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