A Nest for Autumn

One of the most pleasant things about seasonal transitions is the chance to infuse our homes with fresh beauty. We join the Spirit in His strong work of bringing order to chaos and energizing lifeless places, reveling in the challenge of it all. As the gilded maples flirt with cooler breezes outside, let’s wrap our interiors in the splendor of fall.

Touch: ‘Tis the season for flannel! Heavy woven sweaters, buttery leather, and the softest of suedes come into their own this time of year. Rough, raw wood offsets the smooth textures beautifully, so be generous and creative in spreading it throughout your house.

Taste: Master a sticky caramel apple or drizzle maple syrup on the tallest stack of pancakes you’ve ever seen. Cinnamon knots and snickerdoodles are perfect weapons against the lengthening evenings, so keep the ingredients within arm’s reach. Load your table with an assortment of harvest treats from the local farmer’s market, and pile your favorite Thanksgiving staples high. And of course, pumpkin spice all the things!

Smell: The smoke of bonfires seeps inside to meld with soup simmering on the stove and yeasty bread warming in the oven. Tuck in cloved oranges wherever you need a boost, and light up a robust hazelnut candle to complete your cozy atmosphere.

Sight: Mums for days, people, especially displayed in vases of amber, copper, or gold. Bunch a few cornstalks together and tie them with a plaid ribbon out on your porch or scatter stacks of books and bouquets of sharpened pencils throughout your space. Bring home the most interesting pumpkin from the patch and use it as a centerpiece nestled amongst deep red leaves and bittersweet berries. And there will never be a better time for saturated jewel tones or patterns of black and white.

Sound: Settle in and listen to the gentle purring of a cat, rain thrumming on the roof, and your tea kettle singing. If you open the windows, you might catch drums from a high school football game or the wind coaxing branches bare. My favorite fall sound, though, is the first fire of the year crackling and popping happily, sending sparks into the night.

One thought on “A Nest for Autumn

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  1. It all sounds marvelous honey!!!
    (I’ll wait about a month for our Oklahoma heat to die down and then I’ll join you in this awesomenest!!!)


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