A Few of My Favorite Things

June bursts forth with a thousand promises every morning. Ants are just as happy with the sugar-coated peony buds out front as kids chasing the ice cream truck down the street. Brides and babies and graduates and dads—what a month for celebrating! If the chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever, I always feel a bit closer to my purpose in June. Break out the beach-ready pedicures and iced pink lemonade! Summer has come!

Some June gifts to point you toward

Seasonal Sermon: The Cross and the Christian Life by Ligon Duncan

If every believer could sit down and watch this message on the Father’s heart for us expressed at the cross, the Church would be a more vibrant community. Jesus isn’t the only one giving something up on Good Friday because of love. I had to pause the video a few times to let new truths sink in. (My three favorites were his thoughts on theology giving way to doxology, the fact that God never started loving us and thus can’t stop loving us, and that the punishment of an eternal hell was crammed into the few hours of the crucifixion.) Just as you can’t look at the cross and question the Father’s love for you, you can’t walk away from this sermon without your affections for Him warming.

Blog Post: Kristen Welch’s God’s Mission for the Family Is Expanding God’s Family

Content that simultaneously frees and focuses the reader is pretty rare these days. Kristen packs some family-size dynamite into this short post. What could it look like to get on mission locally with your tribe this summer? As she says, “Your small step of obedience might lead you to great destinations or it might just lead you to the dog food aisle. Either way, going is half the victory.” You don’t have to wait for the kids to be a little older or for a natural disaster or for an overseas adventure. Roll up your sleeves and get busy right where you are.

Spotlight Non-Profit: Help One Now

It’s hard to imagine living on less than $2 a day, right? The team at HON works with local leaders to end this kind of extreme poverty around the world through business launch programs, education, healthcare, and community care. There are several ways to get involved (from the standard child sponsorship to hosting a “garage sale for orphans” or investing in families or classrooms). Reading the stories and seeing the joy sparked by this amazing organization will make you marvel at God’s kindness. What a beautiful invitation to join His rescue mission!

Summer Splurge: UPBOX Subscription

Self-described as a “monthly encouragement box for Christian women packed with inspirational + self-care products,” this is pretty much the trendiest a mailbox can get. Each delivery is loaded with cute treasures and coordinated in adorable themes (I especially like the Chosen and Loved pack in teal). Art prints, spa products, and pretty candles? Yes, please. Oh—and 20% of every purchase goes to orphan care.

Chill-Out Tool: The Glitter Jar by Fireflies and Mud Pies

Is there anything more relaxing than watching tiny sparkles float and settle? Maybe putting this craft together in the first place! Although it’s touted as a great way for kids to practice mindfulness, I first saw the glitter jar as a gift to a young adult on completing her counseling journey. My first thought? BRILLIANT. So whether you’ve got littles who need a chance to chill or if you (like me) just love the idea of more glitz in your life, this simple project is sure to please.

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