A Few of My Favorite Things

Wake up, you sleepyheads! Winter has departed, and April is upon us! Cast off your dark grave clothes—step full into the light. Of course there will be soggy days, but what are umbrellas for? Doesn’t your heart beat stronger in the sunshine? Haven’t you longed for some morning coffee on the porch, tracking new growth peeking through the dirt? Empty gardens, like empty tombs, have a habit of birthing life this time of year. Spring is here! Let’s squeeze every sweet drop of goodness from it we can wrap our fingers around.

Some April gifts to point you toward

Seasonal Post: Deep Go the Roots by Bekah Jane Pogue

The held breath between winter and spring is a tender one. Bekah is a kind shepherd in this space, ushering hearts through the dead-ish chrysalis stage of winter into the glory of butterflies thrown to the fresh April wind. If you need the tiniest encouraging nudge out into the world in the power of the One who’s always up to something new, here you go.

Devotional Help: Illustrated Faith’s Card Sets

Purchase. Print. Cut. These adorable (and super handy) creations are amazing gift ideas for an Easter basket, teacher gift, or your own special self. You can use them for journal prompts, conversation starters, reminders to post around your home, or any number of other fun ideas. I’ve been going through The Wilderness Way set for Lent, and I love it. There are all kinds of themes to choose from, and I guarantee they have something that would bless your socks off.

Personal Resource: The Sensitive and Strong Website

Guys. I have been looking for a Christian’s perspective on being a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) for a. long. time. Ta-da! It exists!!! In case you’re new to the world of HSPs, hop on over and check it out. Whether you’re highly sensitive or you’re parenting/married to/ministering to someone who is, this is such a great place to find equipping and inspiration for every topic from diagnosing to self care to community to social media. We no longer have to adapt our hearts to a secular perspective on a very deep wiring God gave us! Hooray!

Involvement Opportunity: Care Packages DCF Students

Have you seen those incredible assemblages on Pinterest, the ones meant to feed your college kid’s heart (and mouth) during finals week? Imagine, though, that you’re a student who’s grown up in the system without a family to send you boxes of goodies while all of your friends are opening up some love from home. My church is teaming up with the Department of Children and Families to provide care packages for just such cases in the name of Jesus. If you’d like to participate, pray, or donate, click here.

Holy Week Recipe: Hot Cross Buns Frozen Cheesecake by Sugar Et Al

So apparently there’s a whole bunch of meaning in traditional hot cross buns—the cross on top, the spices used, the proper time to eat that bready goodness. But imagine all of that significance as a cheesecake sandwich. Oh, yes, they did. The buns, the topping, the filling—just looking at it makes me start drooling.

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