A Few of My Favorite Things

February is upon us, swirling the air almost pink, while freshly-baked treats beckon us to reconnect our scattered hearts. May you taste a hundred different kinds of love this month—the comforting kind, the surprising kind, the brave-making kind, the creative kind, the tearful kind, the forgiving kind, the steady kind. No matter where this season finds you, pull someone close and be Jesus to one another. We are a family marked deeply by love, and we leave trails of it wherever we go.

Some February gifts to point you toward

Project for Homes and Hearts: The Dating Divas’ 7-Day Spring Cleaning Challenge

People across the country are discovering some type of magic in tidying up. Why not infuse the desire to establish order with a bit of Valentine’s fun? This week-long cleaning spree focuses on both your house and your marriage. Each day, you’ll find one manageable homeward task (like cleaning out the fridge) to complete together and one practical relational task (like posting a love note on the fridge) to spark your own joy as a couple. It comes with cute printables and a little party at the end!

Devotional Plan: Song of Songs Study by She Reads Truth

Welcome to the Bible’s own album of the best romantic hits ever. Single or married, use this resource as a launchpad to growing closer to the God who will never stop pursuing you, never quit calling you His beloved. If you’re really into it, you can buy the pretty book—but the actual study is available for free.

Baking Adventure: Liz Bushong’s Cherry Pie Pastry Note

People! It’s sugar disguised as a love letter (complete with a little heart stamp)! I can’t even deal with the cuteness here. And it’s super easy—pie filling, refrigerated pie crust, sugar, and whipping cream. That’s it. For real. Hate cherries? Swap out the fruit filling for your favorite flavor. Make it for your girlfriends or your man or your own sweet self. You’re welcome.

Sanity-Inducing Post: Planning for a Winning Valentine’s Day by Dawn Camp

It’s about time we deal with all the crazy expectations revolving around one square on the calendar, yeah? Cozy on up to this quick and grounding blurb on the importance of communication, self-awareness, and ideas for both women with a ring on it and all the single ladies. Wisdom and simplicity ooze out of this piece, and I’m grateful for it.

Musical Mission: Your Personal Romantic Mixtape

Take some time to create your own soundtrack of how love beats in your heart. (A couple of my must-haves are Michael Franti’s ‘Life Is Better with You’ and Rod Stewart’s ‘Have I Told You Lately.’) Compile all the tunes that put stars in your eyes, no matter how silly or cheesy they may be. Then plan a dance party in your kitchen to try out the mix, croon along with it as you prepare for a date, or let it serve as the background to a girls’ night in.

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