A Few of My Favorite Things

November comes alive just in time to kiss the pumpkins, caving in slightly around the mouths, off our porches. She sweeps the last bits of leaves through the neighborhood in hopes of making our dwellings a brighter spark for family to flock toward like geese on their way home. The scent of fresh bread mingles with mulled cider spices, and little ones lick their lips in anticipation. May this season of gratitude for every blessing cascading down from the Father of Light meet you with so much laughter you could burst.

Some November gifts to point you toward

Seasonal Soul Care: Perpetual Gratitude Scripture Writing Plan

If you’re looking for a way to sink yourself deeper than the whole “Let’s be thankful for one day a year right before going out to hoard more stuff,” you will love this. Quoting R.C. Sproul and Jen Wilkin, Whole Magazine invites women to rest in the provision of God by meditating on (and writing) the truths of Scripture.

Thanksgiving Recipe: Even Better Sausage Balls

My all-time favorite holiday food is my mom’s sausage and cheese balls. But good grief—they’ve been improved! (Heaven help us all.) Instead of Bisquick, this recipe calls for my ultimate Red Lobster weakness, the cheddar bay biscuit mix. I’m drooling just thinking about it. If you need me, I’ll be huddled in a corner with a tub of these things.

Festive Post for Mamas: Dear Moms of Littles, Here’s Your Not To Do Holiday List by Lisa-Jo Baker

Even though I don’t have kids, I love this piece so much. In the middle of sleep deprivation and emotional meltdowns, there’s an abundance of grace with your name on it. Take a breath and step back from all of those Pinterest-imposed standards howling for more and better momming at this time of year. I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to walk away from this post not feeling encouraged.

Festive Post for Us All: 7 Days of Preparing Our Hearts for Thanksgiving by Holley Gerth

Tired of beating yourself up for negative thoughts in a season built around happy satisfaction? This gift is for you. Written from an appreciation-challenged perspective, it’s quick, simple, and so, so helpful for cultivating gratitude when it’s not easy. Holley offers one question each day over the week leading up to Thanksgiving meant to inspire, well, thanks giving.

Heart Chart: The Problem of Perfectionism

Oh, friends. If I could tattoo this to the insides of my eyelids, I would. After a really thoughtful breakdown of where perfectionism comes from and why we cling to it, there’s a succinct comparison that can keep me grounded, especially with holiday hosting. What a beautiful reminder of the differences between our need to look awesome and true hospitality.

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