Week 3 Extras

Can you even believe it? Week 3, done!

If you want to explore any of the subjects we’ve dealt with in the past few days at a deeper level, I’ve got tons of goodies lined up for you. Have fun!

Spiritual Gifts: In case you don’t yet have Craig Groeschel’s Chazown on your reading list (it was also a resource for core values), add it. You’ll love it.

Gospel Growth: Jeff Vanderstelt has a fabulously helpful book called Gospel Fluency. If you need other cross-shaped influences, check out pretty much any material published by CCEF (The Christian Counseling and Education Foundation).

Idols: I love Gods at War by Kyle Idleman (an unfortunate name for a pastor with such a biblical and winsome outlook on this particular matter). The hilarious footnotes alone are worth the price of the book.

Community: Since I’m a castle wall kind of girl, Karen Ehman’s A Life that Says Welcome just went on my ever-growing list of books to read. If you tend more toward the side of people pleasing, look into When People Are Big and God Is Small by Edward Welch.

Expectations: Serge’s fantastic Gospel Love study has a chapter called Lay Down the Law—And Leave It There. Definitely worth a read. And if you and your spouse are up for a Youtube date dealing with marital expectations, Andy Stanley’s iMarriage is both practical and entertaining.

Active Listening: I’m in the middle of The Lost Art of Listening by Michael Nichols; it’s okay. (To be honest, I haven’t found any phenomenal resources for this topic, so if you have an easily accessible recommendation, I’d love to hear it.)

Love Languages: This one’s pretty obvious, but Gary Chapman actually wrote the book on The Five Love Languages—along with an empire of counterparts for kids, teens, singles, school, the workplace, men, God, members of the military, and your Great Aunt Alma.

Three weeks down, one to go! This final leg of the journey is going to be so much fun—and we’ll wrap things up with some super practical posts and extras. No worries, friends! God’s on His throne yet, and there’s more grace waiting for us around the next corner!

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