Divine Track Record

DAY 12

Today’s assignment is my favorite kind: it smells like notebooks and freshly sharpened pencils and caffeine and grace. (You supply the first three, and you’ll find the fourth waiting for you.)

Brew a cup of something hot and settle in for a writing challenge. What? You thought this 31 days was just for me? No, brave friend—this topic is all you.

Believers have leaky hearts; we’re “gospel sieves” as one Puritan pastor put it. We need to keep reminding ourselves of the divine track record we’ve witnessed up close and personal. The Lord hasn’t fought on our behalf for nothing. A major component of self-awareness is telling your soul the story of God’s faithfulness in your life. That moment when a gift card showed up just as the paycheck ran out. Those tiny fingers and toes you prayed so long to kiss. Finally releasing an emotional burden you never thought you’d be free of. Finding a friend in your loneliest season. These are the bright spots, each one a mercy, in the dark.

There are instances it’s more harmful to dwell in the past than to engage the present, but in this exercise, reviewing our past can actually empower our present. If you’re wrestling with whether you should trust God in a particular situation at work, scribe a list of how He’s never let you down; it just might be your courage juice. (I was gently prompted by the Spirit this week to recall that Riley and I have never been left wanting, and after following through in settled obedience, a totally unexpected blessing was dumped in our laps.)

Now listen. This isn’t one of those “name it and claim it” kinds of things. We’ve not been promised health, wealth, and prosperity (sorry). But sometimes seeing the creative ways God has loved on us yesterday is all we need to face the world again tomorrow and to know we’re not alone today.

See? I kept it short so you could get right down to the fun part. Let’s begin to count the countless ways the Lord has rescued even bits and pieces of our reality. It’s what He does.

In what ways—macro and micro—has God shown His faithfulness to you?

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