Well Known: An Adventure in Self-Awareness

Hey there, new traveling friend! I’m so glad you’re joining us on this journey! To catch you up, I’m blogging every day in October over a different aspect of knowing ourselves. It’s a bit terrifying and a bit glorious, but we’ll go forth together!

I’ve created adventure soundtracks for Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, and Week 4 because trips are always more enjoyable with some good music. Wondering how to process everything? You can get as creative as you like. Feel free to chat about what you’re learning with a friend over coffee or to journal through it on your own, to conduct some in-depth research or to read the day’s entry and walk away—whatever works best for you.

At the end of each week, you’ll find some fun and helpful extra resources for optional further study, and you can choose which (if any) you’d like to use. Until then, just think of this adventure as you carrying a basket and collecting lots of interesting things to figure out what to do with later. I don’t want you to get bogged down because you feel stuck on one topic. Okay? You’ve got this.

I think that’s all the general housekeeping. The floor is swept, the trash has been taken out. Let’s lock up and get started. The wide world awaits!


1. A Case of Mistaken Identity (introduction)

2. 16 Drums (MBTI)

3. Your Own Brand of Grace (Enneagram)

4. Back to School (learning style)

5. Rock Star (strengths)

6. Based on a True Story (experience)

7. It’s Kind of a Big Deal (core values)

7.5 Week 1 Extras

8. What Are You So Afraid Of? (core fears)

9. Trigger Happy (hot buttons and hangups)

10. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (HSP)

11. All the Feels (emotional health)

12. Divine Track Record (God’s faithfulness)

13. The Shape of Your Cross (gospel influencers)

14. Word Processing (approaches to Scripture)

14.5 Week 2 Extras

15. Body Building (spiritual gifts)

16. Your Best News Ever (gospel growth)

17. Soul Suckers (idols)

18. Frenemies (community)

19. Just Between Us (expectations)

20. Can You Hear Me? (active listening)

21. Native Tongue (love languages)

21.5 Week 3 Extras

22. The Artful Dodger (creativity)

23. Minute to Win It (time management)

24. Body Language (physical health)

25. Where Your Treasure Is (finances)

26. Mind Games (thought life)

27. When You’re In Front (leadership)

28. Made for This (purpose statement)

29. Goal Digger (aspirations)

30. Marking Your Trail (next steps)

31. Blessing and Sending (conclusion)

31.5 Week 4 Extras

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