A Few of My Favorite Things

June poured in with swollen clouds and full-blown blooms on the rhododendrons out front. Ice cream shops have thrown their doors wide open. Golfers rejoice, my husband leading them with wild whoops. Girls laced in white float down church aisles across the nation. All this beauty birthed out of waiting. As we inch our way into the golden haze of summer, ask God to nudge you, pointing out the pieces of redemption He’s gifted to this world in the unlikeliest of places. I’ll help you get started.

Some June gifts to point you toward

Blog Post: For When You Struggle by Kristen Welch

Even if your calendar this month isn’t brimming with weddings, pearls are always a nice thing to keep in one’s back pocket—or on a string around one’s neck. Kristen gives a timely reminder that there is beauty on the other side of struggle (and often in the middle of it). The romance and reality of this post struck a deep chord with me, and I think you’ll love what she has to say.

Playlist: Bloom Vibes

While flowers unfurl and everything sings green, I’ve got to have a soundtrack. If you need a full set of boho girl tunes to start your summer off right, it’s your lucky day. I curated this playlist to reflect the strong and tender journey of planting wives, but every daughter loved by God can pick up the theme of blooming where we’re planted. Our Daddy loves to hear our voices raised in glory and defiance against the dark.

Video Clip: Moana’s You’re Welcome

I can’t even deal with the fun here. This song’s beat, colors, lyrics—it just feels like summer. Even though Maui has some significant character flaws, what a neat reminder of how much God has provided for us. Once I get past my traditional idea of the Lord as quiet and regal, I can imagine Him showing off and dancing around because of His countless victories. (Can you even conceive how elated He must have been at creation? At Christmas? At Easter? As each soul comes home? Who else has the right to boast like He does?) When we join in singing His praises, the party multiplies. He doesn’t begrudge us our enjoyment of life. He’s happy to sing over us, “You’re welcome!”

Gospel Reminder: Look to Jesus by C.H. Spurgeon

I ran across this gem a few months ago, and ever since, it has served as a buoy for my heart when fear and doubt threaten to drown me. If my salvation depends on my hold on Christ, my faith in Christ, my love for Christ, my joy in Christ, I’m sunk. But it doesn’t. My salvation depends on nothing but Christ Himself. Even when I’m weak, He’s so strong. He can’t fail, can’t lose His grip on me. I’m safe in the struggle. Keeping my eyes solidly on Jesus is the only answer my soul needs for those crashing waves.

Nonprofit: Freeset

“Freeset began in Sonagachi, one of Asia’s largest red-light areas with around 10,000 sex workers, many of whom were taken from homes in villages and communities across West Bengal. Our women hoped for something better.” This company offers life—and the cutest bags around! Whether you need fabric featuring a custom design or a gorgeous hand-woven scarf, each purchase shines the light of God into the spirits of rescued women. We can all be freedom fighters.

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