A Few of My Favorite Things

May is a month of fresh pink blooms, open-air farmers’ markets, and celebrations of mamas. Let’s move into this season with eyes peeled for the glory of God; there are so many places to find it. Here are a handful of my personal favorites at the moment that I suspect you’ll love.

Some May gifts to point you toward

Spring to Summer Benediction: A Blessing for the Finishers by Emily Freeman

I dare you to read this article and not feel bubbly by the end of it. Emily offers sweet words to teachers, graduates, parents, artists, coaches, performers, travelers, and youth leaders, “all the brave and weary finishers” who need an injection of happy into the hard fight of everyday life.

Snapshot of Grace: Chloe

I was recently introduced to Moving Works, a production company that “makes online short films to tell the world about Jesus.” And, guys, these aren’t ye typical cheesy faith flicks. When you watch this particular family’s struggle with infertility and the sovereignty of God, you will want a box of tissues nearby. To see so much goodness in so much heartbreak is a beautiful thing.

Anthem of the Month: This Is Me from The Greatest Showman

In case you haven’t seen this behind-the-scenes video of the movie’s soundtrack, prepare to be moved. (Anyone who can make Hugh Jackman cry with her performance is an A in my book.) The song’s message shines the light of the gospel so clearly, despite having no faith background. I absolutely love how the best stories can’t help but point to The Story. Because of Christ, we can stand up and sing the truth about who we are boldly, broken parts and all.

Encouragement: Lisa Jo Baker’s Let’s Celebrate All Women This Mother’s Day

Regardless of whether you’ve birthed a baby from your body or not, this piece is a celebration of all women and the mothering we do in a thousand different ways. “We mother because we can’t not.” I hope you find as much joy in this concept as I have.

Brilliant Non-Profit: Saving Grace

Almost 300 kids age out of foster care each year in the state of Arkansas. This transitional home for girls who can’t stay in the system pours the hope of Jesus into hearts and changes family trees forever. Just one look at their adorable facility will make you fall in love with the ministry. If you’d like to invest short-term, put together a welcome kit for a new resident. Longer commitments are available through financial and prayer partnerships. What a glorious way to love on the least of these!

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