Girly Photo Scavenger Hunt (Spring)

The days are getting warmer, and the budding trees hint that winter has finally faded. What a perfect chance to bond with some girlfriends over a springtime adventure! All you need is a camera and a happy heart. Whether you choose to check off the items on this list or create your own, I hope you have great fun transitioning seasons.

  • Enjoy a cool drink at a local shop
  • Rock some floral threads (bonus if they’re pastel-hued)
  • Tour a cute downtown area on your bike
  • Throw together the most springlike salad you can think up
  • Make a flower crown
  • Find the perfect spring dress
  • Have brunch al fresco
  • Go fly a kite
  • Buy a springtime bouquet
  • Find three textures that represent the season to you
  • Deep clean one small area—a junk drawer, a hall closet, whatever
  • String lights out on the patio
  • Go for a drive with the windows down
  • Find an amazing something made of lavender
  • Get a spring manicure/pedicure/blowout
  • Blow bubbles
  • Visit a cute bookstore and compile a list of spring reads
  • Go for a scenic hike
  • Make a spring craft (one you will love to display)
  • Check out three local stores that sell spring goods (garden supplies, breezy skirts, etc.)

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