A Few of My Favorite Things

Hello, slushy, squishy, sloppy April! You’re the gorgeous transition of snow shovels to umbrellas, and I adore how we never know quite what to do with you. Let the budding trees and returning sparrows call forth praise, the earthworms and moss sing for joy! It’s hard for me to imagine God without hands covered in dirt and face cracked wide with a smile at the sun He just settled into the blue. He had a habit of walking through the garden when the world was new, this wild King of ours. Spring echoes a bit of that eternity planted in our hearts.

Some April gifts to point you toward

Concept: A Month of Self Care

What if we allowed April to do for us what it does for the world outside our windows? To wash away the cold blanket of winter and to instill a sense of well-being and life that spreads into our fingertips? It’s simple, fun, and unique to every individual. Pull out your calendar and pencil in just one way to care for yourself (heart, mind, body, soul) every day. It could be a little piece of chocolate or a few extra minutes in the shower or a stretch outside or a new book. Think about the toll this winter has taken on each aspect of you over the last few months; then intentionally create ways to rework that ground. Self care isn’t petty, faithless, or lame—it’s investing in the creation God meant for you to be.

Non-Profit: The Seed Company

According to the website, “Over a billion people worldwide don’t have the full Bible in the language they know best. Nearly 1,700 languages don’t have any Scripture at all.” Can you even fathom that? The Word became flesh and walked among us, but 1,700 languages don’t have words for the Word? The Seed Company is working for a world that knows how much it’s loved. Check out their page for ways to pray, give, and partner so that we can hear a beautiful cacophony of every language around the King’s table someday soon.

Blog Post: How the Bloom Happens by Amber C Haines

A sweet lesson learned in the dirt of an April garden. As buds burst forth around us, we can be reminded of “the paradox of rest and work,” how we have nothing to do with our own beauty. I love the way this girl has with her words.

Book: The (In)courage Community’s Craving Connection

Apart from being the prettiest book I’ve picked up in a long time, it’s the perfect springtime read for you and a girlfriend. (And if you don’t have a girlfriend, even better.) 30 brilliant women collaborated on this month-long devotional focusing on relationships with God, with friends, and with the rest of the world. Each day has a fun challenge at the end, so you can count on this April to be the least boring yet!

Online Store: Dayspring

Need a canvas print for a struggling friend? Or the perfect teacup for your mom? How about an adorable pouch for your little one’s teacher? Dayspring has got the goods! all. the. goods. Bible art journaling kits, encouraging cards, spring pillows, fantastic jewelry, and the cutest plates you ever did see. This company loves sprinkling homes and friendships with the grace of Christ.

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