A Few of My Favorite Things

In my mind, March is the last month of winter (despite the inevitable snow drifts of April in Connecticut). The garden seems to think so, too—daffodil stalks are already peeking through the frozen ground. This is a cold, hard month, both physically and spiritually. Pain lingers here: a cross raises up, and a tomb is prepared. At home, the fireplace roars against the biting wind, but winter knows his days are numbered. To curb my rushing through this final month of nature’s groaning silence, my heart needs a reminder about settling into this moment, this season. Perhaps yours does, too?

Some March gifts to point you toward

Good Friday Post: Not My Son by Jennifer Schmidt

Since Easter is so early this year, we do the work of soul preparation in March. Jen’s blog post will hit your heart with a deeper appreciation of the Good before the Resurrection. Here we are in the middle of sacrificial history—Abraham and Isaac. God the Father and God the Son. And you. And me.

Sermon: Tim Keller’s Questions of Suffering

This is a topic we hate talking about but which hits us all at tender places. Everyone wonders about pain; it’s part of the human condition. In this glimpse of Job’s life, Keller offers the best response to our hard questions I’ve ever heard. If you only watch one sermon on suffering, make it this one.

Holiday Video: North Point Community Church’s 2015 Easter Opener

I’m blown away at the graphics of this powerful clip, and the music turns from haunting to glorious. I dare you to watch it and not be emotionally affected by the triumph of Christ for us.

Non-Profit: The Lulu Tree

This amazing organization loves on people in Uganda and Sierra Leone, and they do so through the arms of the church. Their brilliant initiatives include pastor training, new mama kits, and orphan care. If your family is looking for a way to plug in with a ministry that’s making a difference in lives on the other side of the world, this is it.

Social Tool: Brene Brown’s Talk on Empathy

Short. Funny. Helpful. Animated. Whether it’s the everyday pile-up of tiny hard things or a massive, world-stopping crisis, we all deal with brokenness. This video shows us how to better be with those in pain (rather than the classic ignoring the glaring issue and asking if they “want a sandwich?”). As we work through this last few days of frozen earth and throbbing hearts before the tomb turns up empty on the first of April, let’s crawl into people’s pits and let them know they’re not alone.

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