A Few of My Favorite Things

Whether we’re six or sixty, it’s time again for bedazzling containers to hold our hearts. In a world so quick to show anything but real love, Jesus followers have a beautiful chance to display what mended souls can look like: pure, deep, lasting, patient, kind, free, compassionate. Let’s not settle for cheap imitations of love; instead, how about leaving a trail of faithful fallout everywhere we go, evidence that Christ is on the move among us? Shower happy texts on your friends. Inundate social media with glimpses of truth and beauty. Collect moments that show off just how good God is. And while we’re at it, let’s glitter and feather those cereal box Valentine holders like there’s no tomorrow.

Some February gifts to point you toward

Non-Profit: Little Dresses for Africa

This sweet organization allows crafty people to use their gifting for the kingdom. How? By turning pillowcases into simple dresses for girls in Africa. Just sew, stuff, and send. So easy for you. So life changing for them. Dresses are sent out weekly, and the need continues to grow. Since God commands us to do justice, to love kindness, and to walk humbly with Him, maybe a few precious sisters on the other side of the world will be sporting new outfits and huge smiles by this time next month thanks to a surge of love that washes over you and spills right out through needle and thread.

Research: Chocolate’s Health Benefits

Luckily for us, the official sweet of the season has been deemed not as bad as we used to think. This article on Medical News Today covers the multiple possible health benefits of chocolate: lowering cholesterol levels, preventing memory decline, and reducing the risk of heart disease. As if we really needed a reason to indulge.

Valentine’s Day Blog Post: Heart-Shaped by Robin Dance

If you only read one holiday post this month, let it be this one. Robin describes a fantastic Valentine tradition her mother-in-law started: an annual mother-daughter tea party for friends and family. There’s also a lovely emphasis on leaving a legacy, a cheer for “all the Kingdom women who shape their daughters — by birth or by love — by simply living their lives before us.”

Pampering Items: Sandy’s Natural Living

Need ideas for inexpensive Valentine’s Day gifts? These bath and body products are both amazing and affordable. Riley and I love the lip balm, and I’m a huge fan of the bar soap (and the bath bombs when they’re available). If you have sensitive skin, or even if you just prefer natural goods, I highly recommend this shop to you. Love, love, love it.

Concept: Galentine’s Day Party

In case you haven’t heard, February 14th is the perfect excuse to gather your girlfriends for some serious bonding time. A quick Pinterest search will point out some fabulous ideas for activities (maybe a crafternoon or a chick flick movie marathon), decor (I love the rose gold and burgundy color combo, complete with fresh flowers), food (a huge salad followed by all the chocolate you can handle, perhaps?), drinks (something pink and fizzy), and playlists (anything from Etta James to Cindy Lauper). Who says you have to be in a relationship to enjoy this holiday?

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