Girly Photo Scavenger Hunt (Winter)

“See the beauty and the magic that surround you, no matter where you are.”

(Christen Olivarez)

Welcome to the long duration of cold between Christmas trees and Easter eggs. It’s a stark season, winter, but there’s beauty here if you know where (and how) to look. Seeing seems easier with a camera in front of my face. If you’ve endured just about enough cabin fever, grab a coat, a friend, and a great filter. It’s time for an adventure.

  • Enjoy a steaming mug of white hot chocolate
  • Show off your cutest winter wear
  • Bake some snickerdoodles
  • Get a winter manicure/pedicure/blowout
  • Build a snowman
  • Have an indoor picnic lunch in a blanket fort (bonus points for twinkle lights)
  • Gather a bouquet of bare branches, pinecones, and berries
  • Warm your toes by the fire in wooly socks
  • Make a winter craft (one you will love to display)
  • Enjoy the best hot soup in town
  • Go sledding
  • Browse a book shop and find your next winter read
  • Create a cozy nook in your home
  • Identify three seasonal scents you love
  • Find some spectacular ice formations
  • Soothe your tired muscles in a hot tub
  • Gather three textures that represent winter to you
  • Bundle up and explore a nearby town like a tourist
  • Check out three local stores that sell winter goods (boots, mittens, candles, etc.)
  • Hit the slopes

Here’s hoping your photographic antics warm you up from the inside out! Have fun with this, and remember: nothing lasts forever. Enjoy this frozen season while you can. There are so many gorgeous moments to capture, and the Lord has created them for us to revel in. Let’s honor that design.

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