The Ghost of Christmas Future

A baby. A soon-to-be mama. Now what?

Well, here we are: it’s almost Christmas, and we still have one ghost left to cover before the big day—my very favorite.

A bubbly energy rolls from Him as His eyes sparkle and He flashes a happy grin. Meet the Ghost of Christmas Future, a jubilant groom on His wedding day. He straightens His bowtie, puffs out His chest, and hums a love song you can’t remember ever hearing before but somehow know by heart. He’s all movement and tapping and checking His watch.

Impatience is only to be expected in giddy couples, but this particular engagement has been a long time coming. It was planned before the first star broke forth in song at the wonder of God. The relationship has known more than its fair share of struggles and pain. Despite the bride’s persistent unfaithfulness and personal shortcomings, her Groom has fought again and again and again to “win her back, speaking tenderly to her” (Hosea 2:14). It cost Him His dignity. It cost Him His home. And it cost Him His blood.

And now, today, finally, His bride is set free to return His love in earnest. No hindrances. No danger. No shame. All of history has been leading to this moment of redeemed beauty, a full-hearted yes to intimacy with her Rescuer.

This is what we hold our breath for. Believe me, it will be well worth the anticipation.

In our rushed world, we must choose to find a hard stop in order to remember that our wedding day is coming. Christmas future is on its way, and it will bring not only God with us, Emmanuel, but us with God. Our relationship will be sweet and healed and full and brimming with goodness. Every tear will be wiped away. Death will be a distant memory, a vanquished foe forever. We’ll step up to the altar and find our brave, faithful Groom grinning from ear to ear with tears spilling down His face. Words can’t begin to describe His longing for us. Oh, how He’s waited.

This Christmas future will right every wrong. It will retell the story in which we’ve been broken for so long, and everything sad will come untrue. Instead of unwrapping a box, we’ll begin digging into the layers of the glory of God, knowing full well we’ll never get to the bottom, and exulting all the more because of that.

Christmas Past made it possible, gently stirring in His manger. Christmas Present looks up at it with hope in her eyes. Christmas Future is coming.

Can you see it?

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