A Few of My Favorite Things

“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”

Ann(e) Shirley

Everyone plays favorites: coffee flavors, scary books, autumn smells, whatever. We all hold certain bits of reality closer because something about them affirms truth to us. Tiny pieces of beauty in a world gone crazy, vestiges of hope, reminders of our Daddy’s heart.

I’ve been blogging for about a year now (can you believe it?!), and these gatherings of resources I love have become something I deeply look forward to dwelling on with you every month. Haven’t you found that good things always seem better when shared with a friend? As your table overflows with pumpkins and apples over the next few weeks, look for chances to spread a little love. Life is meant to be shared.

And don’t forget to look for glory in non-obvious places. God is too big to squeeze into our little box with His name scrawled on top in magic marker; we often find Jesus where we don’t expect Him. So look in your Bible, of course, and in the Sunday morning sermon, sure, but also peek into the feathers of the Target costume aisle, the newly-bared branches of your favorite tree, and even the hardest story on the news. I promise He’s in those places, too, just waiting to be spotted and pointed out to others.

Some October gifts to point you toward

Album: Thinking About Thursdays by Lullatone

This has to be the most creative album ever. It’s an instrumental collection that gives each Thursday of the year its own fun song—starting with ‘Trying Something Again (Again).’ Because, you know, Thursdays are completely underrated. I especially loved ‘The Posture of a Melting Snowman,’ ‘Like a Honeybee on Holiday,’ and ‘An Indecisive Relationship with Air Conditioning.’

Instagram Feed: Things with Wings

I dare you to check out these spunky pieces of handmade artwork and not feel happy. The best thing? They’re for sale! Simple and colorful, they’ll brighten up the darkest space you’ve got.

Movie: Austenland

If you consider yourself even the slightest Jane Austen fan, you’re welcome for the giggles this chick flick will provide. I’ve seen it far too many times to be respectable. Whatever. Yes, it’s cheesy, but it’s the best kind of cheese. Complete with lots of tea and a happy ending.

Non-Profit: Free the Girls

Want a fresh way to love on women who are transitioning out of the sex trade industry? How about sponsoring a bra drive with your girlfriends or church? This program helps ladies in El Salvador, Mozambique, and Uganda earn a living in the light. According to their website, “The goal of our model is true freedom. Not simply distance from a trafficker. True freedom is nothing less than women walking in wholeness physically, financially, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.” By setting these beautiful people up with their own businesses, we are giving them a chance to experience what God had in mind for them all along.

Blog Collection: 31 Days of ____________

Oh, guys. This is the biggest ever assortment of blogs (mostly by and for Christian women), and they’ve all been given one assignment: write about a topic that interests you for all 31 days of October. It started back in 2009 and has grown ever since. Browse the archives and you’ll find anything from home blogs about how to simplify schedules and clutter to marriage blogs about how to show your spouse grace to health blogs about how to go paleo. We’re talking hundreds of bloggers all sharing what matters to them, inviting readers along for a month-long adventure. Pretty much anything you might ever want to learn about is somewhere in this collection.

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