A Few of My Favorite Things

Hello, September, you happy bringer of autumnal festivities! The air cools down, the acorns plummet, and the sweet-smelling rain washes away the dust of another weary summer. To help transition our hearts into a new season of gathering the light indoors, here are a handful of weapons against the dark.

Some September gifts to point you toward

Group Study: Be the Bridge by Latasha Morrison

I was introduced to this phenomenal look at gospel healing a year ago. The author’s “heart and passion is to display God’s glory by inspiring the Church to have a distinctive and transformative response to racial division. Our mission includes equipping bridge builders with resources, vision, and skills for racial unity.” In the past month, no topic has been more sensitive, more desperate for the balm of Christ. God’s heart beats for reconciliation, and if we are to show the world a better way, a Jesus way, of doing life, we must engage in this kind of deep soul work. Tasha’s resource is just too good not to share with you, and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Concept: Elizabeth Turnage’s Story Feasts

Food. Friends. And really good stories. Turnage argues that part of how we see the kingdom come is to reveal how we observe God working in our past and present circumstances through the use of storytelling. Invite a few families over, cozy up to the fireplace with blankets, and take turns passing around truth and chocolate like there’s no tomorrow.

Song: Dear Me by Nichole Nordeman

I can’t even. So poignant, so lovely, so Christ-in-the-mess.

Pinterest Search: Art Installation

If you have a few minutes to kill and/or want to pump some creative juices through those veins of yours, check out the wonderful, bizarre, miraculous imaginings of artists all over the world. (My favorites include an interactive sticky note mural, woven iridescent tiles that look like mermaid clouds, and bunches of white balloons stuffed into all kinds of unexpected places.) I’m blown away by the creative potential of the human mind.

Taste: Cinnamon on all the things

I feel like pumpkin spice stuff, while fabulous, is more of an October thing. This month, bring in the warmth of cinnamon to ease your taste buds out of watermelon season. Add it to your coffee, brownies, toast—heck, try it in your cereal. You never know; it could become your new favorite thing.

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