A Few of My Favorite Things

August is the last hurrah of summer, filled with lazy days at the lake, melty ice cream cones, and water balloon fights around the sprinkler. Load up a picnic basket with fresh treats. Hike through the woods. Pitch a tent in the backyard. Perfect your cannonball form. What have you penciled in to celebrate this month? Whatever it is, may the friends present be many and the bugs present be few.

Some August gifts to point you toward

Creative Outlet: The online version of magnet poetry

I’m really not sure why I wasn’t aware this is a thing before now, but oh, how the game has changed. If you have a little free time, hop on over to the website and piece together a new thought, no rhyming necessary. It’s amazing how random words at your fingertips can release the creative juices. My first attempt turned out a tad dark, but I liked the flow, so I kept it:

Marriage Book: Love and Respect by Emerson Eggerichs

Over sabbatical I got a chance to do a little reading up on relationship stuff, and this resource is one I’ll be recommending a lot in the future as I work with wives. The premise? To have a healthy marriage, women need unconditional love (obviously), and men need unconditional respect (WHAAAA???). I had never heard the concept of respecting a guy simply because he’s a guy before—I’d just bought into the whole “if you want respect, earn it, buster” thing. But our culture doesn’t make us earn love. So why would we make males earn what they crave most? It’s Bible-based, realistic, and definitely worth the read.

Spotify User: Tsh Oxenreider

Apart from being a master author and blogger, this girl loves music. She makes playlists that bring the happy to my heart and resonate with quite an audience. Tsh has created the most thoughtful compilations I’ve found (and has a fantastic variety of them, too). Great taste and lots of it!

Funny Video: Flight of the Conchords’ Business Time

Anyone who’s been married for a little while can totally relate to this song about evening events. The New Zealand accent just makes it that much better. Watch it and be ready to giggle and share. #businesssocks

New Summer Tradition: Pizza on the Beach

The salty breeze. Waves washing up to your toes. The sky turning peach. Seagulls doing their thing. And delicious, fresh, hot pizza on its way to your tongue. Improved only with an ice cold cream soda.

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