Girly Photo Scavenger Hunt (Summer)

It’s time for another seasonal field trip! On your next free day or weekend, grab some sunscreen and a girlfriend or two and hit the road. Extra points for old school film, but phones work just fine. I know there’s a temptation to post every shot you take; consider keeping this just for you. Having secret adventures that don’t wind up on social media is good for the soul—you worry less about appearances and angles and filters and spend more time actually enjoying the moment.

  • Enjoy an icy beverage
  • Rock your cutest sundress
  • Catch an outdoor concert
  • Churn up some homemade ice cream
  • Light sparklers
  • Enjoy a picnic breakfast on the beach
  • Check out a local farmer’s market
  • Gather a bouquet of wildflowers
  • Look at stars
  • Host a water balloon war
  • Catch a firefly
  • Have a watermelon eating contest
  • Find the perfect summer hat
  • Get a summer manicure/pedicure/blowout
  • Watch a movie at the drive-in
  • Lay claim to the best spot at the lake
  • Find three textures that represent summer to you
  • Enjoy an ice cream cone (the fancier, the better)
  • Go for a campout
  • Make a summer craft (one you will love to display)
  • Check out three local stores that sell summer goods (swimsuits, surfboards, etc.)

Have a blast snapping as many pics as you can. It’s always nice to capture the season so you can look back later (in the depths of winter) and remember the feel of sun on your skin, the sound of salt wind in your hair, the taste of coconut on your tongue. Let this adventure spark some creativity on other shots you could take that embody the magic of right now. Train your eyes to catch the wonder all around you.

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